Can too much Masturbation lead to a weak erection?

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If you enjoy beating your meat constantly, stop and read this. Take your hands off the dong and listen up.
BOY: Since when did too much masturbation become a problem?
GIRL: Since it started making you d*ck limp.

Now, imagine that scenario playing out with you and your lady. For years, there has been a constant debate on if too much masturbation can cause a weak erection. If I were to give a simple answer, I would say yes but if I were to give a complicated answer, I would say maybe, because there are other factors that could be could also cause a weak erection. For the sake of argument and because I am not a doctor, we will only discuss the simple answer which are of course based on my personal opinion and observations and I will also use case studies as examples.

I have a friend, lets call him “Man A”. Man A is a regular customer in the meat isle. He masturbates at least twice a day almost everyday. Man A has been doing it for so long without any issues but the problem now is, he has started to notice that when he is with his woman, his erection is not quite what it used to be. His penis just doesn’t get as hard anymore unless of course, he decides to whip the monkey. He also noted that, once he does this, it comes alive again. This has started making his lady feel insecure so he wants to fix it.

I know a guy, let call him “Man B”. Man B has been masturbating for so long he no longer knows how to have sex with a woman without beating his meat. It has become a problem for him because his girlfriends end up leaving due to lack of satisfaction in the bedroom and he just doesn’t know how to stop. oh my! Can these two cases be attributed to too much masturbation? Personally, I think so.

What do these two guys have in common? I believe they have allowed themselves get so used to the sensation they get while masturbating that regular intercourse no longer does the magic. We all know sex is as much a psychological thing as it is a physical thing. If your mind is conditioned to only enjoy it when hands are on it, well, that is what your body will respond to. So before you pull out that Vaseline (or whatever else you use), ask yourself, will too much of this have consequences later? To be on the safe side, never allow yourself get so used to masturbating that you see it as a cool alternative to the real deal. Plus, word is, It can eventually lead to erectile dysfunction where a man can no longer hold an erection long enough to have sexual intercourse.

If you are a guy that is already here and your penis just doesn’t get as hard as it used to, make that conscious effort to recondition your mind and body back to what it was. This may mean you will have to stop beating your meat. Do not be embarrassed or frustrated, it may take some time to get used to. Do it for you, do it for that special lady who will love you. Ladies, if you have a man who doesn’t satisfy you because of a weak erection, do not moan and scream while suffering an smiling. Don’t fake it, don’t cheat, don’t lie. Talk to him, tell him this is how you feel and help work through it together. Good luck to you all and don’t forget to join me on facebook for even more insightful discussions.

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13 thoughts on “Can too much Masturbation lead to a weak erection?

  1. my ex had this problem. his penis would get half hard, i stayed with him until i could not take it anymore so we broke up. men pls stop this act

  2. funny Toni. Good topic. Fortunately I do not have this problem. I masturbate once in a while and my erection is in perfect shape

  3. Toni let me tell you a story of a nightmare guy I dated. We were together for over 2 years without any sex. When we finally got engaged, something told me to test drive the thing afterall we are going to marry. Do you know that this man was not pressuring me for sex because he did not even need me. I found out that he can not perform except through masturbation and when I advised us see a doctor, he refused. After 6 more months of trying to change him I decided to leave because this is marriage we are talking about. How can I spend the rest of my life with a man that will not even try to fix his problem. to me that is selfish, then he was expecting me to just help him masturbate. what about my satisfaction? this masturbation of a thing can erase their senses. i do not advise it at all.

  4. So, wot if ur patner is miles apart and beating it off with her on ur mind eases u off and keeps u from cheating? Wld stoping to beat it still be a worthy sacrifice?

  5. I think it has to do with individual system . They say too much of everything is bad for you. Some people drink or smoke and lived to see the age of 80 before they while some people liver problem or lungs cancer at the age of 60 before they die. I am goin to turn 34 in few months. At the age of 15 I was watching a porn movie and touched myself for just about less than a minute and all hell broke lose, and I have not stopped since then. When im with my woman im as hard as it can be and she loves it. My girl knows I don’t know how to do a quickie cause after 30min im still goin on hard on the 4th position. She just came back from a 4 month trip to America all I did was beat my meat the whole time almost everyday till she came back. Any time she touch funny even while im in my office big monkey is already jumping in excitement.

  6. I have a mixed point of view about the masturbation. Sex is a case to judge when the satisfaction is minor. Like dating a girl in her 20’s for five years with short Sex experience. It’s act becoming an option of lonely nights. Civilization in the middle class world is distracted by the act and, working to get over it has to do with the gravity of awareness already created. It easy to forfeit when you are mind determined.

  7. I masturbate since 10 years old. Now I’m 25. Sometimes I find myself ejaculating around 4~6 times a day(that’s myself, lately). Not kidding. Then I realized I’m becoming stimulated only by touch, not visually(I mean, I’m attracted by visual, but isn’t enough to make me hard). If alone, I need to keep stroking it. If I’m with a girl, I need to pose as a tough guy, and get hard only if her touch me, or while I’m cunningulus her. I need to take a break lol

  8. Honestly was finding a solution till i got here…Mastubation kills gradually but u wud neva knw… cos i was a victim .. I am on personal rehabilitation cos i dnt wana ruin my sexual relationship with d woman i love. cundnt go more dan a round anymore……dis wasnt me….dis was unsual…..Guys reduce dis thing..or rather try stop it forever..


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