Singer, Ciara addresses cyber bullying.. Check out her blog post

ciara cyber bullyingI posted a write up about how it seems the in thing now is to post nasty comments about people online.  If you missed it, [READ HERE] . I have this habit of speaking my mind and standing on the side of the truth irrespective of who hates me for it and in our part of the world, I felt one site started the trend and called that site out, I also felt, some people got picked on more than others, for obvious reasons and called an example. Now, what is funny to see is that I am not alone. People say celebrities should have thick skin, hey what better celeb should have thicker skin than an American celeb who actually face more because their cleb status is global. If one can take the time out to write out her feelings, then I wasnt too far from hitting the nail on the head. My thing still remains, if we must copy something from others, let it be the good and free the bad. The world as is, has enough sadness and hate, lets try and spread more love.. To those allowing the nasty hateful spiteful comments continue on their blogs, we will all one day account for how we have impacted peoples lives, good or bad.  Nobody holy pass but at the same time, lets make a conscious effort to try and be good. Anyways, read the post from her blog here

4 thoughts on “Singer, Ciara addresses cyber bullying.. Check out her blog post

  1. You are correct, Linda Ikeji is the founder of modern day cyber bullying in Nigeria. Once her blog started allowing insults, others followed. It is disgraceful. How a person can eat from money they know they made causing others harm is beyond me. I also do not like that celebs feel too big to speak up. You are the only one i have seen so far that challenges things written about her. Now that they have seen Ciara do it, they might now copy. pls post my comment

  2. incredible. you do not have comment approval on your page? my first time commenting and i was thinking I would have to come back to see my comment, only to see it immediately. thats very bold and brave of you. keep it up

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