Check out My 2014 Blog Recommendations!

My Nigerian Owned Blog Recommendations for 2014  –  Below are some blogs I feel have interesting content, depending on what you are looking for. I would have loved to see more of the Entrepreneur blogs or motivational blogs and even the life experience blogs but most of the ones I know, I stumbled upon and liked. If I missed your blog, no vex.  I’m open to suggestions!

house of maliq

Fashion –  Foto Fashion Naija is run buy a truly gifted fashion Photographer named Tayo. He took the pictures you see of me on stage(my promo pictures). When he photographs me, I get so excited to see the end result because I know it will somehow capture my essence. Well, he has a blog dedicated to the fashion industry, as in this is where you will find all the hot models, their profiles, their stats and pictures and a lot of original content. Plus you can see a lot of his work on there. Totally awesome stuff. ……….. continue for more..

Ono – The reason I like her blog is the focus. She obviously has a passion for fashion. My favorite part of her blog is how she always finds the two celebrities wearing the same outfit. Always interesting to see how two different personalities and body types would interpret the same outfit. She does divert a bit to other news but the reason I visit is for the fashion.

House of Maliq – It loads pretty slow on my iE so you may wanna try google chrome browser to view it. If  I were to have an online fashion magazine, the covers and photo shoots is close to what it would look like.   They also have a lot of “Get the Look” for those who are or aren’t so fashion savvy.  If you are like me that is as casual and “I no send” as can be, their get the look may be a good place for you to start getting style conscious.


Life Experiences or Short Stories

Sketches of my Thoughts – I recently stumbled on this blog by chance and I am glad I did. It is owned by a lady named Nonye Chidolue. She hasn’t updated in a while but I’m sure with a little encouragement she will because she is good (Hopefully). I absolutely love her writing style.  She writes about herself and also writes different interesting short stories.  I know we are approaching the IQ dropping Era, where people don’t like to read, but if you enjoy a good read, this is a blog you should bookmark (providing she updates regularly).  Would love to see a lot more of these types of blogs  so if you know any please do recommend.

Weddings – Well, I doubt Uche’s blog needs any introduction but yeah. I categorized it under weddings because it is probably the biggest blog dedicated to Nigerian Weddings. I would have loved to see an entire website dedicated to just weddings like bellanaijaweddings dot com or something. I love seeing  Traditional weddings, what Nigerian Event planners are doing in terms of creativity, decor etc. I’m a hopeless romantic so hey, you never know the wonderful idea one can get for a traditional wedding.  Via bella naija weddings, I have penned down some names of wedding planners that I would recommend to myself . *wink* *wink*. shhhhhh!


Spread Media NG – – They are dedicated to profiling Nigerian Entrepreneurs. Personally I think we need more blogs like this to encourage the youth. Its also good to encourage these entrepreneurs because doing business is not easy.  Also you can visit to see maybe you can stumble on ideas.  Hey, the sky is big enough for many birds to fly.


Entertaining – While I wont classify it as a blog, more of an entertainment portal. It had to make the list because I am partial. hahaha. I am part owner and the direction we are taking it is basically your number one stop for Entertainment in Africa. You can watch recommended movies, music videos, TV shows, read Celebrity Profiles, News and once we have our next meeting and conclude on 2014’s direction we will most likely include music and movie reviews etc. Anyways its worth a visit, not because I said so, but because the vision is a good one.  Entertaining Africa is looking for volunteer entertainment writers, though I am not in charge of that aspect of things, if you have interest, send an email and someone will holla back at you.

Music  /  / – ok the music blogs are plenty but generally speaking Ill check these for new music.


While I am not really a big web surfer I do work a lot online when I have research work to do so during my break, I can be seen reading interesting material. If you know any interesting blogs, most especially those that share their life’s experiences, please do share and I will be more than happy to include them in the list (after perusing of course)

Well that’s it yall.. .. Back to work for me.. still writing my book and recording… ahooooo! ees not easy! lol..

15 thoughts on “Check out My 2014 Blog Recommendations!

  1. Toni do you know of any blogs dedicated to dosmestic violence? I am doing a thesis and would like to site some cases from Nigeria.

  2. I love Nigerians even though I am white America from Ohio. I hope to visit your country soon. I will visit the blogs. Thanks

  3. Toni I am glad I found you. We have been trying to reach you for an interview. Kindly check your email. Say me hi to Zion

  4. Toni Payne I have been following you on twitter for quite some time. I just want to say I love your personality. You are a celebrity to look up to. For my own blog recommendation I would say He is a very interesting writer like you and recently did a post of his visit to Khris Okotie’s church. You should have a look. Happy new year and I wish you the best in 2014. I am looking forward to your book.

  5. OSHA.. We hail ooo…

    Nice compilation… No doubt, you r right …

    We are also using this means to introduce our blog to you. Its a news and entertainment blog that capture all fields.

    We also have something for you. Please kindly let’s have your contact email.

    Thank you.

    OSHA Toni Payne… Mama Zion toh superb..
    …its all about infotainment…

  6. nice list you have here. I noticed you did not list any gossip blog. They all post the same rubbish and lack content. I like the business one as I am looking to start up a business. I am a graduate and still on the job market so I need something to keep me busy and still bring money to the pocket.

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