Toni Payne Quotes and Excerpts November 2013

LPToni Payne performingSo I pretty much started doing quotes and excerpts to highlight some of my favorite lines in my poetry. Yes o I have some lins I put out that make me go, ehn did I write that. Again thanks for all the love and support, if you are reading this means you support so Im grateful always. I am still working on my audio book of poetry and its definitely gonna be on iTunes, Amazon etc and from the way things are looking it will be available on Spinlet too..OH yeah b4 I forget I have seen some people use my past quotes, while I don’t mind, a lil credit to the author would be nice… thanks again.. holla!

Darkness Eludes me because I know my fears,
stomped on my weakness,
lifted my strength.
Flaunted the good,
made the bad a faded dream.
My glory not to be demeaned. – TONI PAYNE

If darkness thinks it has a place in my world,
ill tell it that it was nothing but a wild dream.
Misplaced in its mission,
especially its vision,
because I stand before it,
as powerful as Aphrodite,
riding gallantly into your History. – TONI PAYNE

No need to touch
My soul feels so much
No need to kiss
It’s your presence I’ve missed
No need to make love
Because this is true love – TONI PAYNE

The passion must reside with consideration
Free me from your manipulations
Let it be justified, I mean the “hateration” – TONI PAYNE

Hold my hand or let me be.
Allow my spirit to be free,
Allow me do the things you say
So your mouth can have a say
Beat your chest cos u were right
But till then, ill fight this fight – TONI PAYNE

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