Guest Poet: At least let me try by Sage Black

At Least Let Me Try by Sage Black

This look that you suddenly wear on ur face is nothing more than a widow’s mourning
But still ud remain the sun I hope to see in the morning
These past days as I roll on my bed alone
I realized how much I need you back home
U know I’m but a young girl wit one eye
I can’t see beyond my pride
But in your eyes,I see the world

Do not cast me out my sweets.
Iv washed my feet
So I promise to walk right this time
To open my heart to listen
To hold your love firm
For I’m poor,so poor my Love is all I have
Kiss me again
Let my lips hold urs in time to last
I’d be ur queen,ur maid and sister
I’m sorry for the times I turned my back
I’m sorry I couldn’t look past my fears
I’m sorry I coudnt see how beautiful ur love for me was
If u say no,I take to defeat,but at least let me try

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