the fear is rising,…

The fear of the day and not of the dark,
The fear of the present and not of the past,
the fear of having it all and not of lacking,

i ask my self who am i?
look like a mask,
but yet i am real,
i look within me ,
its dark ,but i can see through me,
through the body is the skeleton called spirit,
the spirit is the horror in me,

the dark surrounded me and create its own fear,
couldn’t close my eye,
but my faith lye”s on my prayers,
i asked questions ,
yet God answered me,

i am not a saint but i have a request to make,
i have sinned ,
but i stood with the LORD,
i was forgiven ,
but afraid to LIVE,
i saw it,
i felt,
i live it,
i can’t only imagine it,
the freedom of living again,

my words are much like a rushy tap,
i stay quiet ,
but loud inside,
many thoughts ,
but only few matters,
people heard me but yet i can count the listeners,

out of my wishes,
i knelt to the LORD,
and speak from my heart ,
the mind that sees , even before i act ,
i wish,
i wish to be born again ,
but not a saint,
born again from the womb that shared the first blood on me ,
born again to dream again,
born again to choose again,
born again, against the odds,
born again to succeed from the past,

i pray for the light yet the night fall,
i tried to do right ,
but wrongs of the world,
try to be different,
but the hatred of the people,
create the smile and laughter ,
but the stabs of the friends,
my HIDDENwar ,
i struggle to fight ,but its still within me……..


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