I FOUND LOVE (By Olufemi Okin Esq)

In my search for love I encountered deceit,
I hoped for a companion but met an oppressor,
Love eluded me and lust contained me,
Just as I was about to take solace in solitude,
Love breezed in and gave me respite.

I doubted it at first,
Thinking it won’t last,
As it had happened in the past,
For others ended in a blast,
And were no more in my cast.

Her voice fills my heart with joy,
I prayed it was not a decoy,
The taste of her lips,
Sweeter than honey
I found peace in her embrace.

She endorses my mission,
Prays for my vision,
And when the chips are down,
Her tips produce the crown.

Even in my fury,
Her love is still fiery,
I found love
True and lasting

2 thoughts on “I FOUND LOVE (By Olufemi Okin Esq)

  1. LOVE
    Love, a sensational feeling,
    Love,an intense feeling,
    A feeling that increases the pump of blood
    And fastens the movement of a flood
    A feeling that melts the hardest of all hearts
    And makes your heart beat two times faster.

    A little touch,
    A little word,
    A straight look at his eyes,
    A hidden smile on her face
    Is enough to give a temperature
    And give your spine a shiver.

    A feeling that turns you to a marionette
    And saps away your brain belt.
    Open the key to your heart
    And you’ll see that special somebody stroll in.

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