Vote 9ice for the following categories at the 2008 MTV mama awards
VISIT http://www.mama.mtvbase.com?

Voting is easy and you can vote as many times as you like! All you need to do is SMS to 33004 (costs N50) with your nomination keywords:
– BEST HIP HOP: ”Hip Hop C”
– BEST NEW ACT: ”New Act C”

for SMS voting outside of Nigeria, heres how to do it.

-BEST HIP HOP: ”Hip Hop C”
– BEST NEW ACT: ”New Act C”
to the following

NIGERIA – 33004
KENYA – 2929
GHANA – 1778
TANZANIA – 15555
UGANDA – 7197
DRC – 4444
REST OF THE WORLD ( USA, UK ETC) – +45 609 910 232

thanks yall and God bless!

Lets support the Oba Ara of Naijaland cos Photocopy Ko Easy and Gongo ti So.

Ill be back tomorrow or next to blog a special topic that came up two days ago.. its about relationships, u know the usual women who knowingly obsess over/sleep with taken men.. not necessarily married o.. dating, engaged, married, etc. was discussing an associate of a friend the other day, ok I wasn’t discussing per say but I listened sha.. basically she is about to hit 40 and desperate to be married, now the gist is when she was our age she spent it dating guys who either had GFs, were married or were taken in some way shape or form, as in she did not mind sharing with the hopes that the guy would leave the other girls for her, but it never happened supposedly they would lie to her, sleep with her and end up back with their original girls… and the sucky part was potential suitors would notice her choice of men and back off.. anyhoo ill continue this later sha cos its deeper than just her story since it seems very common amongst girls my age to do the same in the name of fun or he cant lie to me bullshit or he will leave her crap.. and oooo wee I saw some video on youtube the other day, some unilag girls.. omo I BOW! our girls have advanced pass pass o.. hehehe

7 thoughts on “2 MORE DAYS TO VOTE

  1. Chai! Toni so I searched for the vid on U-tube…it’s the Unilag gurls one abi? Na wa o! Our girls don spoil finish. Not that there’s much new in what they are saying but it the confidence to have it video’d. Kai! Money in hand, back on ground, true true.

  2. I saw the video about the unilag girls. Its nothing new bcos u know naija gurls know how to pretend so much especially around their parent. Many of them are fast, loose, and the unfortunate thing is, their parent still defend them. Its always been around, but I guess they are more confident to talk about it, bcos many of them try to emulate the American culture where there is freedom to do whatever. This is ignorance and stupidity. Anyways the worse part is I showed it to my friend, and she was in shock, not only bcos of the girls’ foolishness, but the girl in the blue is her cousin, so she called her aunt to let her know.

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