hmnn, ok this is no longer news but this story/incident is bothering the hell out of me.. Its sad cos this is the type of stuff that discourages people from coming back home.. The whole naval officers beating on a lady incident, the day I watched the video, I dont know how many emotions ran through my body or how many thoughts I had but the one thought that stuck in my mind was, this could be anybody, it could be me, you, ur sister, your neice etc. The way women are disrespected in naija is appalling. I can count how many times Ive been pulled over and the dum dums will tell me to call my husband like I dont know what a friggin car registration looks like… That ish pisses me ff each time, and I have no patience for such so I can totallys see me dragging it out with these folks.. Very sad that in 2008 we still have this kind of barbaric behavior going on in a supposedly civilised country. One thing I am happy about though is, it doesn’t look like she is gonna take it laying down, its about time someone stood up and did something. We need a solid human rights group in naija 4 real.. As in one that is taken mad serious.. Anyhoo enuff of the depressing stuff..

I have not blogged in a hot while, not like I dont have much to blog about, in fact I can write a book with my thoughts but i dont know, maybe I am getting tired of blogging. oh well, I have soo much energy I could light up an estate so I cant sleep. All these food network shows r getting grosser by the second, like who likes to eat raw oysters and stuff. Anyhoo, enough of the rambling, one good news though, Ive decided to go back to my roots as per what I studied in school so dont be surprised if you hear T-Payne-A is the next big music video director out of should be fun and should keep me mad occupied, Im very excited cos Ill have even more on my plate so ill never be

PS: I feel this terrible urge to tell someone off, like a public scapegoatish showdown.. sighs!!

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  1. lol @ ur last statement o… dnt do it abeg, u will jst disgrace sumbodi

    it won’t be bad if u direct videos, its so male-dominated… at least there’ll be a fresh concept.

    raw oysters?!sooooooooooo disgusting!

  2. i was more than appalled by that video…i am trying to understand why we dont have a virile judicial system to show these pple pepper. if they loose thir jobs and maybe even go to jail while they are at it, they might just get some sense.
    i even messed with the idea of opening a hotline 1-800-NO-OLOPA and when you get harrassed by them, just call and the perps will be found dead the next day! lmao! that should instill some fear in those bitch-ass mthfkrs!
    i pity the victim of your public scape-goatish showdown. lmao!!

  3. Hey, I just posted this response on my blog so I’ll re-iterate it here.

    I watched the clip, I was absolutely horrified. We need to lead by example in Nigeria and unfortunately Mr Arogundade did nothing to stop his staff brutalising a young woman, in fact, he probably encouraged it. By not stopping them, he encouraged them. I see too much of that arrogant, ignorant, self-importance played out on a daily basis in Nigeria and it needs to be stopped.

    I know Governor Fashola has issued a public apology and is looking into the matter and seeing what further action can be taken. I’m glad we have a Governor, young and intelligent enough to know what’s really important to people.

    BUT you guys know she’s already accepted the apology she was issued so as far as a lot of people are concerned, its case closed.

    I remember visiting South Africa quite soon after Mandela came back into power, and the black people seemed so calm about everything post apartheid…and I asked why. They said that Mandela has shown them the power and strength of the non violent fight. We need a good leader to show people the way. And failing that, we MUST do our best to show the people around is the difference between right and wrong on a daily basis.

  4. I’m speechless.(the bad kind) Nigeria has a long way to go. Out of all the hundred of people standing there, they could not do anything about it. I think if people stand up to these so called officers, things will change bcos many of them are cowards and just power tripping. But I understand, people are thinking of their own safety. Anyway, even if Nigeria has business opportunites, and the security or infrastructure is not taken care of, people will care less. The reason why many people come to America, is not only bcos of opportunities but also the security that people seem to have compared to other underdeveloped countries. It was even more sad, when I told my father about it, and it didn’t see anything wrong with it. That just scared the heck out of me. What he told me is that, that’s how we Nigerians live, and I need to be more Nigerian. Are you kidding me? Now, I’m very terrified to even go to Nigeria with him this December.

  5. @ Anonymous Sat Nov 15, 11:29:00 AM PST.

    That’s the way it’s in Naija. That country is just backwards, for real. The old folks continue to fork that country up, but the young ones will hopefully move my country out of the 18th century and into the light & modern lifestyle of the 21st century!

    It shouldn’t only be about money money money, but also about the quality of life. Most people in Naija are so blinded by their ambition to obtain power and make money so they can show off to the less fortunate. Man, I tell you.

  6. we have a whole generation of ignorant leaders who are just screwing naija’s over; and what do folks do? just lay down and enjoy it….mehn, I just feel like naija is sooooooooooooo fucked up!

    babes, wen u gone’ bring n9ice to the “A”? boys waiting!

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