so second chance is over

Im a huge fan of the Hispanic soap Second Chance. As in, Ive burned late dinners over it.. hehehe so we know between 9 and 10pm not to disturb me. I had my predictions, but I did not suspect Isabel was going to die like that, she is quite gangsta sha! and Rebecca, arrrgggh! that woman irks the living daylights out of me, kinda glad she went out the way she did, I wish she had taken that stupid butler along with her. The only thing I wish was that the old Salvador did not come back, dude was just too irritating, him and Cantalicia fit each other perfectly, two big odes. I heard that there is a part two, arrggh, I doubt if I can sit through Salvador and Cantalicia minus Isabel etc without pewking. Anyhoo, so no more soaps for me for now, I get so into it, its almost like an addiction and when you have to time your day around a TV program, wahala dey!

So I have a new favorite couple, it was and kinda still is Bradgelina but I am soo loving Obama and his wife right now. They are like soooo cute together makes me wanna awwww. 16 years and you can still see the chemistry between them. It looks real too, not like the “for TV purposes” love. I was saying yesterday that I dont think Obama has ever cheated on his wife, reason being, if he has, shouldnt the republicans have capitalized on it by now? I know they don’t play fair so Im sure it would have been all over the news, or maybe they are just waiting till a week to the The guy seems soo spotless though, well besides the whole smoking weed in school thing. He is a good candidate, hell, anyone but a republican is a good candidate right about now. Anyhoo, check them out, arnt they just too darn cute.. I love to see couple that compliment each other and she looks like she genuinely enjoys standing by her man. I wanna be like Michelle Obama when I grow up.. hahaha. McCains wife on the other and looks like a typical politicians wife, you know, Ill smile on cue type stuff.

My fav picture of the couple. She looks like she just enjoys touching the man.. hehe Love it!

I really wonder who will win the elections, I hope its Obama, I know ill be voting for him.

8 thoughts on “so second chance is over

  1. Another one caught the ‘mexican soap’ bug. I guess since you’re now based in naija, there’s nothing more to do and watch on tv than those. I miss the old TP. It’s really true what they say about marriage sha. *looking sad*

  2. Lord! You need to see my mom watching that!!! I didnt even know about it until she came visiting this summer…I’m sad its over cos i dont know what she’ll be doing now! lol

  3. Heloha,
    No pun intended but honestly McCain’s wife reminds me of one of my Barbie Dolls, the one I got in pry six (over 15 years ago).LMBAO!

  4. Anotha one addicted to second chance. i was a mad follower wen i was in lagos. also planned my day round it…smh…
    @ms toni…u do sound different…in a beautiful way sha…way to go,girl

  5. I heard 9ice will be having a concert in LA soon, make una update, u know i wan sit for front row na. U sound more mature eversince u married, compared to TP, eventhough i do miss old TP a little bit, but its all good. I’m loving the Obamas at this point, they are one of my favorite couple, forget d Brangelina, I feel like they do everything for TV, like adopting children from all over the world lol, its just not natural to me, and don’t get me started on Mrs. McCain.

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