if this is the kinda… *singing to wyclef & mary j*

Gosh its been a hot second since I blogged. Not sure if its because Ive been mad busy or because I just lost interest in blogging, but any attempt, Im blogging now. So I have a slight issue and I believe I need advice, you see I think I have a huge crush on the artist 9ice, the dude that sang Gongo Aso, he is like soooo cute, sighs!!! I listen to his music constantly and can’t get enough of his performances. Problem is, I’m not sure how Im going to break the news to my husband, well Im hoping he takes it well, afterall its just a crush right? hehehe ! boredom is a u know what..lol

Anyhoo, thought Id share some videos with yall… pretty cool stuff huh?. oh BTW b4 I do, this is totally off topic but I heard something that is soo hilarious to me, so I heard some ummph! made a rap song talking baseless crap about 9ice.. hahaha! its funny that someone can waste studio time on someone who doesnt know you exist. To be honest, I have not heard the track and probably never will because I have been told from day1 that we only want positive things around us but from what I was told it was total crap, as expected! so Im not missing anything.
Anyhoo let me not bore you with that nonsense, enjoy these performances by his truly, wish it was clearer though, everytime I watch these videos, I always have a huge smile on my face, there goes that crushin feeling again…..** blushing**

oh and yeah, I have a surprise for the US folks, but Ill save my surprise for later…

13 thoughts on “if this is the kinda… *singing to wyclef & mary j*

  1. people are jobless o!!! lol I know right wasting time in the studio an all!! yay i’m 1st lol..nice one (videos)..and yes boredom is not sexy..x


  2. 9ice is awesome, but you used to blog about other things you know? I miss your blog… I guess it’s only natural to blog about what’s currently on your mind. *sigh*

  3. Oga o, What happened to d old Toni Payne, its that what married life does to people. Please! Mrs Akande don’t become too boring sha. Thats what happens everywhere in d music industry, like people hate on one another for no reason,due to jealousy, joblessness, insecurities, which is very immature and stupid to me. So, there will be more to come especially d fact that 9ice is one of the top artists in naija.

  4. Toni, thanks for the beautiful vidoes. But pls next time keep the person rapping crap about 9nice off this bolg. I expect u to know better. By even mentioning this here, u are already giving this person free publicity

  5. lol.. okie dokie. Ill blog more about other thing but hmmnn i have to feel like it o. LMAO @ the question, what happened to the old Toni Payne.. ahah did I get that boring ni.. sowwy, there isnt much going on right now except work, and I dont wanna bore yall with the ins and outs of that.

    @the invisible man, I feel u but it as just too funny to me I had to share..

  6. Whats that saying…”You know you have arrived when people talk about you”(ok maybe its not a saying lol) but May God continue to bless and increase you and your Hubby. Everytime you all come across any such things, just BRUSH YOUR SHOULDERS OFF.

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