Packaging your naughty bits…:)


Any woman in a commited relationship knows the importance of pampering and packaging the essential bits( at least I should hope so). So I decided to turn one of my oldest businesses, actually my first born, HOTNTRENDY into a valuable source for packaging the Its been a long and grueling decision on what to do with Hotntrendy since Toni Payne sorta took over. I had offers to sell but I knew deep down I wasnt willing or ready to let go. But I also knew I wanted to do something that would make sense and be beneficial. Lets just say with everyone getting hitched left and right, the decision seemed inevitable… of course this is not limited to newlyweds alone..

Ladies, if you have been married 40 yrs, I see no reason why you should not own at least 2 costumes, 3 bustiers, and of course as many babydolls as you want.. Let me stress the importance of costumes o.. hehehe, seems like a minor thing but picture this.. Your man is home sick with lets say malaria.. its soo much hotter nursing him to good health in that cute nurses outfit than in some bubu or iro and buba.. hehehehe.. or the kids have gone to grannies crib and hubby is gonna be back from work in a few hrs, is there anything wrong in him meeting you in the kitchen, cooking that delicious meal in a sexy maids outfit..? lol.. anyhoo I digress.. All Im saying is its soo much more fun to keep it interesting.. suspence is essential.. like hmm what is she gonna be this week? the maid, the flight attendant, the nurse or the nympho amazon lady.. hehehe( I crack myself up) and of course if you have kids, you may be limited to the short skirt wearing chick who sneaks in only at night right before bed.. lol

We have lingerie which in turn serves as a gift wrap of some sorts. We have the essential, I repeat essential in fact very important perfume, and for the man in your life it doesnt hurt to help him out in the smell good dept too… No one likes a stinky and then my personal fav.. Candles and massage oils.. I am a complete sucker for these two items, call me a hopeless romantic but arrrgghh candles and oil.. yeah!.. The only thing missing are hot slow jams, but im sure I can arrange for that…

Anyhoo, without making myself blush too much, I just want to take this opportunity to reintroduce the new and improved HOTNTRENDY online store..

A bit about what we offer..
High end lingerie – : Bustiers, Corsets, Babydolls, Dresses, Sets and more

Fragrances that are less than retial cost, we try to offer the largest size when available and also try to offer Eau de Parfume vs Eau de Toilette when available ensuring you are getting a bang for your buck…

Also, We also offer the find me service:- if there is a fragrance that you absolutely adore that is still in production and it is not listed on our website, contact us today at and we will have it available for you within 48hrs.

I know the question will come, do we ship internationally, the answer is yes we do.. I also know Nigeria will pop up, well since DHL to naija cost a fortune, we will be offering special services to naija, meaning, you order and allow 4-6 weeks for delivery or better yet,if you know someone coming down from the US or UK have them contact us…. Im seriously considering a lingerie shop in naija, something exclusive, membership only type deal..

Phewwww!!!.. This decision took me a while to come to and conclude and I can promise that it will only get better… so feel free to visit us online today at ‘
and pass the message along 🙂 If you need any advice on packaging your bits, lol.. I seem to be an xpert so holla at me..*blushing*

Opinions are of course welcome…we aint too old to learn shey?

5 thoughts on “Packaging your naughty bits…:)

  1. babes! u inspire me, ur tot process is on overdrive.

    congrats and i wish u all the best on this new line and its a real good idea.

    how do u source your fabrics and tailors? thats a big issue i beleive as am interested in fashion line too. wuld love you to send your reply via email to


  2. wish you all the best in allllll.this might sound weird to you,incase you have to wear an atire,which would definitely need an headgear to make it glamourous……………then u can call me on +2348053523732{i suppose u will be in Nigeria}.
    …taking headgear places.

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