9ice’s performance at the mandela concert

I trust it to be on youtube within 24hrs. The event was loads of fun, very organized, very inspiring, very relaxing, and I dont have to go on and on about how flipping sharp he looked. Needless to say it was a very proud moment for me. Maybe Ill post pictures later, maybe not.. depends on my mood..lol.. Next stop, USA. will post details of that soon enough.

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  2. Toni…..
    I said it again and again. 9ice is Da Bomb. I remember blasting some Nigerian artiste who prefers Miming their CDs. SOmetimes ago, you posted a youtube video of 9ice and Ruggedman doing it live on stage.

    I mean, Check that live performance out, 9ice was simple nice with rendition, He rendered it so flawlessly and with so much confidence that you’d hardly know that he has never performed to that type of crowd before.

    I can’t believe it, Watching the video shows that it was the Soweto choir backing 9ice up.

    ANd to cap it up, he still did his “you knowwwww….” styled trademark.

    9ice….You are Da Bomb….Keep it up

    Toni….AM very happy for U

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Miss TP-9ice lol…

    wow def an achievement regarding d concert…1 thing though i wonder how he felt knowing dat d oyinbo peeps didnt understand jack lol…he still repped for us…

    Tx 9ice 4 holding us naijas down

  4. In fact 9ice’ sudden rise to stardom shows the sky is not the limit.Infact he’s acclaimed winning the grammy and buying a bentley is a prophecy yet to be fulfilled. I was thrilled and extremely proud of him…Again for the fact that he sang Gongo aso shows that he appreciates culture and that culture he is extending to the world and for those who were present or who watched it on youtube it was conspicous on how those present wriggled their waists to the beats…lol.. Also he said God bless you, i was so happy he gappreciated God. Congrats Toni on the baby on the way.
    Lest i forget, i stumbled on ur blog today… and then i figured out that i could actually get the gongo aso cd in Pterborough Canada… i was extremely shocked..
    Anyways Congrats againnnnn

  5. Like seriously, this soooo 9ice!!!
    I’ve been waiting 4 d video after i saw the pics online with him right behind mandela himself, i just knew you’d deliver. It is surely his turn. Congrats to both of y’all on d proud moment.

  6. the first thing that came to mind when watching this video was that truely 9ice will definitely bring home a grammy one day…. cos he has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he is capable of winning one and do deserve one.

    Am very happy for 9Ice and u, TP as well. May God continue to bless yah…

    Congrats on the baby you ‘ve gat on the way….More blessings.

  7. I am very proud of 9ice for singing in his own language at the Mandela concert. My seven yr old son is a big fan, he has borrowed my 9ice cd for his summer camp, he has me translating so many difficult Yoruba words to his summer buddies and their parents.

    He wants to meet 9ice when he visits Nigeria this Fall. This CD has gotten him more interested in the Yoruba language. Even my sister in-laws Yoruba vocabulary is improving before all she would say is “ba wo ni” and “Kilon sele” now she uses word like Gon go Aso, and “ejuru”

  8. Hmmm…congrats mama TP. No wonder, i’ve been sensing the ‘mood swings’ in your writing lately.

    Congrats to baba as well. Although the idiotic english media didn’t show his performance on national tv but thank God for youtube sha.

  9. my internet connection’s pretty poor so can’t really watch the performance on you tube but since i’ve seen 9ice perform before,i’m SURE he delivered big time.Going to sell my left leg if possible so i can see him perform @ the This day Africa Rising concert in Abuja. Big ups to him and u too, Ms. TP. and you have a baby on the way. that’s God blessing you even more congratulations to both of u

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