I am just sooo in love with this couple. Like I wanna be like Angelina when I grow She looks sooo flipping radiant pregnant. gosh! Im jealous!! They look soo happy together, well, they are def my fav hollywood couple so if they should ever break up, Ill be very

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  1. Hey Toni, they look good, together. “Love nwantiti, love nwantiti, ije mu na love, na o foduru nwantiti, ije mu na love, na o foduru nwantiti.” I’m so sorry, Toni, i couldn’t resist to sing in the Igbo language about love.

  2. one of my least favourite people in hollywood…make that my least!
    cant even sit and watch any one of their films anymore.The belong together-Homewrecker+Spineless man!

  3. Wareva to the haters ohh!! lol. LOVE LOVE LOVE BRANGELINA!. She is soo beautiful and he is down right smoking!!!!….. Jennifer Aniston who????

  4. Sadly enough that was exactly the way he and Jen Aniston looked together.. Like the perfect couple.. well you know the rest…

  5. Hey Miss Payne!
    i haven’t been here in a loooooong time :o( :o( how u doing mama?

    I love me some brangelina too oh! Angelina has been like my fav celeb for a while now even through that whole blood vial sturvs and then she had to go get with brad pitt and that was it! LUUURVES IT. though all those chil’ren….kai!

    Plus i want to look like angie when i’m preggers too…jeez!

  6. i totally love them toooooooo
    another hollywood couple i adore is Jada&Will

    i see me getting me own Will someday……………….

  7. They will break up , it is only a matter of time. Look at their track record and the way they started, not good. Pity there are kids involved + the hollywood lack of tolerance in marriage. There is always someone bigger and better. Our people say, cane wey man take beat im first wife de for back of the door de wait for the second woman.

  8. ive loved angelina for a long time
    im with u on being sad if they break up
    pray they dont

    love her
    have like a girl crush on her seff
    and im sure i am going to love ‘wanted’ cos it has angelina and james McAvoy


  9. by the way
    brad with angie is a much better combo than brad with whats her face

    see the difference now/

    with jennifer, it was abput who was prettiest and who wd use the mirror longer
    with her, he is edgier and actually cares abotu stuff going on in the world
    brangelina shd go on soun

    even if they break up (whichj wd in turn break my heart), i will still love them!

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