if there should be an award

for the naija artist with the best group of videos.. it goes hands down to FAZE.. I mean commmmon!..lol.. I did not even realize till today he had so many videos out, yeah yeah they all kinda have the same texture and yeah yeah he may not be as interesting to look at as 2face but I love his music and his new videos shows that he at least puts in effort imagewise.. anyhoo below is one of his new videos… I put this one up cos its one of my fav songs on his independent album, love the subtle reggae vibes.

speaking of artists.. so I have been banned from talking about that joke, ehhem I mean song called Ebutte Metta or whatever its called.. I promised someone I was going to hold my tongue but I did not promise to ask, if its a parody or someone is actually tryna use Rihannas song to get accolades? Ive head like 30.20 second of the song, ok maybe more and I did not go further but I was arguing with a friend yesterday and this friend had the nerve to say the dude wasn’t copying Rihana.. and even had a bigger nerve to compare Sauce Kids Yebaribaba.. I’m like are you flipping kidding me.. yeah Sauce freestyled his own lyrics and style onto someone else’s beat but the Eh Eh Eh part is a dead giveaway that all the dude changed was the lyrics… style o, na the same, beat o, gbosa!, feel o, no difference… ok well Rihanna did a better job sha.. To ba fe copy Rihana nko, e wan copy am die…..

Geeeeeeeze.. see this is why I stay looving my 2face’s, Danfo driver’s, Lord of Ajasa’s (oooo Im soo in love with Ajasas music o, I need help), 9ices, W4’s Ruggedman’s (even when he sounds like he is fighting someone), Original Steroeman’s of the world, heck, even danny young sef original pass am.. sighs!!! hell even psquare doesnt do it for me, even though I listen to their music,( well not all of it) I always get that I have heard it before feel anytime I listen to their songs.. well, ok I like that “Do me” song though.. it actually made it to my car, It think it was the part where one of em said ” and you no no say wahala dey” the flow there that sold me..yup! Im weird, lol…anyhoo enjoy the video jare, from another “good naija artist” eh eh eh eh..lol..

and with that beautiful video I leave u with the first verse to my new song..
Ajegunle gunle gunle eh eh eh
Oshodi shodi shodi eh eh eh
Ikeja keja keja eh eh eh
Surulere lere lere lere eh eh eh
Ikoyi koyi koyi eh eh eh
VG city, city city eh eh eh
Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh
*takes a bow*

5 thoughts on “if there should be an award

  1. My life….TP, u just hurt my feelings now. How can u not like P-square? Have u been listening to d same song as i have sha? I mean, come on…it’s not they’ve copied any1’s lyrics or songs. Their songs are original and their videos are always above average. At least give them a credit na.

  2. @wienna.. I never said I do not like psquare..I said they dont do it for me, meaning they dont excite me. They are well put together image wise, which is maybe one of the reasons I pay attention.. and darl, yes they have copied songs since ive known them, that their song I think it was called “last night”.. was a knock off I think sexual healing.. dont quote me sha..cos it could be another marvin gaye or is it bob marley song.. cant remember the beat off the top of my head..

    lol @ linda.. they tried to silence me o.. hehe

  3. o baby, u don kolo finish…I have to support u on this one though babes, i aint a p-square fan either..They just dont do it for me. Keep d flow T, i read ur blog and fb to know what cds to order nxt from naija.

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