haha.. Stupidity at its worst..

YUP!! My next trip is coming up very soon and Im going to be rocking my tank tops, my halter tops, my tight ass booty hugging jeans, hell and when the weather is flipping hot I will rock my mini sun dresses like there is no tomorrow, hell, Im going shopping for more, the brightest noticable colors I can find. If them born their papa well, they should come and harrass me. That 20k will come out of their assholes. Then they will explain to their forefathers how dressing a certain way = definite prostitution without any basis. No solicitation, nothing. Like flipping hell, my 2 year old cousin is smarter than these people. init? ( yah I had to go to london with that one) When they should be worried about all the negative PR they have been getting, they go right ahead and create more. Forget not trying to make NIG look bad because they are already doing a good job on their own, someone should decument this and send it in to a major world news station, and please let them know who the moron is that create the law so the world can recognize and see someone go from a local champion to an international moron. In fact, if no one wants to do a show about it, Im hella willing. bastids! If anyone is down with writing letters, let me know where and Ill be glad to write the most fiery letter to whomeever, so fiery their eyes will bleed reading it. Maybe its time to to start claiming Ghana. lol

Imagine this nonsence..

The Police on Thursday arraigned 90 girls and three men before an Ikeja Magistrate Court presided over by Mr. Adeola Adedayo, over alleged breach of peace.
The girls and the young men were charged with a one-count offence of ”conduct likely to cause breach of public peace” which is punishable under Section 249 of the Criminal Code Law of Lagos State.

All the girls were picked up late in the night on Wednesday at various locations in Opebi, Allen and Ikeja areas, allegedly in suspicious circumstances.
Some of them were allegedly arrested at some brothels while some were picked on the roads, either walking or riding on motorbikes, popularly known as Okada.

The girls were brought to court wearing ”indecent clothes” in which they were arrested. Our correspondent however observed that while the majority of the girls dressed in provocative outfits, there were some of them who dressed normally. The girls had been detained overnight at the Area F, Police Command, Ikeja. The magistrate granted each of them, bail in the sum of N20, 000 with a condition to produce one surety each.

The N20,000 was required to be paid in cash to the court by each of the accused before their bail could be perfected.The names of some of the girls are Kehinde Obariounse, Olaoulwa Yahaya, Queen and Rose Ekpeyong,Vivian Odia, Mary Johnson, Joy Okafor, Aisha Musa, Rose Anita and Blessing Anita.

Our correspondent gathered that the clampdown on the indecently dressed girls and commercial sex workers by the Police was as a result of the order made by the new Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Muhammed Abubakar. Speaking in an interview with our correspondent, a lawyer to some of the girls, Mrs. Fransica Odoemena, argued that quite a number of the girls were innocent as they were picked up on the roads while on legitimate activities.

She blamed the police for the indiscriminate arrest, especially when some of the girls could identify themselves. One of the accused, Miss Abosede Ekpeyong, a student of the Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos, told our correspondent that she was picked up while trying to board an okada to Iyana Ipaja on Wednesday.

She presented her university identity card and that of the faculty to our correspondent.
She said, ”These cards could not even convince the police that I am not a prostitute. They arrested me and told me to enter into a waiting bus in which many girls were already seated.”
Two of the accused who claimed to be twins, Miss Rose and Queen Ekpenyong said they were coming from Abia to Lagos and that they were picked up by the Police at Ikeja under the Ikeja flyover.

The Police Prosecutor, Sergeant Chris Takim, declined to comment on the circumstances under which the accused were arrested. He said, ”When the trial starts you will know everything you want to know.” Majority of the girls could not however perfect their condition for bail and they were made to board five buses in which they were brought to court, preparatory to being taken to the Kirikiri Prisons. The matter was adjourned till August 24, 2007

Update::: So I was thinking, how bout we all take this report, copy and paste in our emails and send it to all our friends with the subject heading “Mr. Muhammed Abubakar needs to be stopped” and then have them forward it and encourage everyone who has it to send it to CNN, BBC and other top media outlets to pls send a reporter to interview Mr Abudumdum and ask what his reasoning is. If we bombard the media enough, maybe we could put a spotlight on it and a bit of pressure on them as well.

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  1. i’m speechless…. for now

    what kind of stupidity is this?

    “you will know everything you want to know” idiot!

  2. This so painful. What hurts me most is the supportive comments from Nigerians. We enable our oppressors in so many ways. We help them divert scrutiny from thier evilness, we give out awards, we hang on every word. Im so proud of those stepping out to defend these people. Youve heard about covenant unversity? More madness

  3. nah wah toni u know its real stupid whats going on at the moment in niger but if u need to go,just pls for ur sake do be careful if they could harrass funmi iyanda who else them no fit harrass that country is so messed up no wonder peeps are are planning to get out as fast as they can and i hope for all our sake this nonsense sharia business stays with them there in the north and i think the new governor in lagos is not really doing his job to protect the name of his state anyway wat do u expect them all na sharia people ,congrats babe are those real swarosky on them shirts cool,was gonna get myself some nice cool earrings from them u know

  4. i support you toni…start sending it to people as forwards and it will go round and then we can send it to CNN as naija bloggers refuse harrasment(u know we bloggers made it on BBC with the nigerian proclamtion sollomsdeylle did)Oya keep the ball running!

  5. @ shola..I hope so too, ill try to be sha! lord knows they don’t wanna hear my mouth.lol and yes they are real swarovski, not a bed investment, I love how it reflects light.

    @linda.. darl, I will try and call you when I wake up, so we can talk better. Hope u r cool

    @anon.. yup!. I read something on Funmi Iyandas blog about them saying they never created such a law and how she is trying to get a bit of something from Fashola so keeping fingers crossed. In the mean time we have to be aware of whats going on.

  6. TP, eyaaaa….wish i could come to Lagos with u sha. Enjoy yourself and don’t let anything or any asshole spoil your fun(excuse mai lingo ojare)
    Let’s do d sum here. =N=20,000 each x 90 women = =N=180,000. Dat’s dis month’s salary for some policemen in advance ni yen.
    P.S: Don’t forget what i discussed with u d last time on yahoo o, sis. 😉

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