Picture Time – shopping event, $200 tee, party

I’m soo peeved with myself. We did a show this weekend and I did not blog about it before the show, well it was kinda impromptu and did not confirm till the evening before but I sorta knew it was going down.. anyhoo Got some shots of the shirts side by side and decided to share. Hope you like em.I would loooove to do something like this is NIG.. sooo bad its burning my fingers to get started on the plan..

Hollywood Shop Til! Shopping Event

Sweetest Dreams Tees

Closer View of Tees

This is my amateur shot of the detail on the Toni Payne $200 T-shirt. It is adorned with over 600+ genuine Swarovski crystals. (they are the closest thing in terms of clarity and cut to diamonds) looks killa at night (effizzy. lol) This tee was the most requested at the show.. Its custom order only and will stay as exclusive as possible.

Happy Customer holding her Preach Peace Tee, took a pic of her cos I loved her look even though it did not really show in the picture much. She had the pretty face, colored hair and simple accessories thing going on.

Divine Divas – B and Laposh at the show looking haute!

Friend for life rocking TP tees – LaPosh’s preach peace has her name on the back. Gotta cop that.

this here picture is Jara, @LaPosh’s birthday party the night b4, we had a blast!! as in I have not acted that wild in ages, felt good!.. Y is one of my best male friends and he is very single so send in your application.. you cant be a gold digger and you have to know how to cook and blend in with his friends. lol

If you wanna get any of the tees you can do that here http://www.tonipayneonline.com/ . Men and woman welcomed

Sidenote: oh gosh its been a while since I really fell in love with a song just hearing the first 10 seconds of it.. ok well maybe the second time this month. Anyhoo the song is called Hey there Delilah and its by Plain White Ts, you can listen to the song on their Myspace . The lyrics sound sooo familiar its scary, sounds soo much like a song my baby would write and sing for me. *ehhem, hint hint* hey there Toni. lol.

9 thoughts on “Picture Time – shopping event, $200 tee, party

  1. Hmmmm…i love d t-shirts in d first pic. Very colourful and bright.
    Hmmm….for a sec there, i thought dat’s your boo. R u sure your boo will mind u groping anoda man’s chest like dat sha? If Jara’s ready to do a few globetrotting here and there, i’m all for it. I’m sooooo single and searching. I’d love ‘d man’ to be a home boy, who’s not into too much partying, who likes outdoor activities, very honest, affectionate and loves kisses. laaaawwwwlu

  2. toni payne dearie….first things first, i’ve left a message for you on linda’s blog. we need equal opportunity hooking up in this piece!

    secondly……..i love your tshirt sale party oh! come to naija for sure and it’ll work out fab. shouldn’t take too much hassle planning, i’m volunteering my services if you need…..

    and no, it’s not because of point one….lol!

  3. Hey Toni! nice tee party, i love ur designs, very unique. Im d one who asked for naija travel info/advice, i sent u an email but im guessing i didnt get ur email address right, pls write it in ur comment section, plssss, so i can send u my email add, thanks. more grease to ur elbow Ms!

  4. wienna. thanks mama. so when r u getting one naw. My boo doesnt mind at all, he thot the picture was funny. If u send me a picture, Ill put in a good word for you.

    @lola.. hahahaha, this chick, I saw ur message and replied.. Like I said, its gooan cost you o. Per the shirts, yes, yes, yes, I wanna come there and do a fab show but cos I dont live there its twice as hard cos Id have to get someone to do the running around for me, but It shall happen soon, I promise.

    @LB. sup mama, I wanted to call you yesterday but it totally skipped my mind what I was calling for. Sighs!.

    @anon. my goodness, you know what I did not realize I was not getting my mails till this morning when my producer called me. Its soo horrible cos I have serious backed up emails. Im going to reply you in a hot sec k..

  5. toni…ok. so next week friday? don’t worry i’ll pay u later now, abi? before you know it e’ryone’s walking around wearing toni payne tshirts, as per free pr services now…..lol!

    i’m serious about helping you plan your show in lag though, when you ready for it we should talk?

  6. HIAnyways, that guy isnt bad looking, any chance to hook a sister up cos she’s Single and def, searching.. can u send me iur email address, so we’ll talk.

    PS… a fellow blogger.

  7. LMAO! lola you are killing me, but you live in naija unless you are planning to be in London next week friday. lol

    per helping me plan my show, ok that would be hot. I wanna come to NIG soon so b4 I do, Ill give you my details. Gosh bloggers rock, you, tminx etc.. Who needs to go outside to look for folks when you lovely ladies are soo friggin supportive. 🙂 *cheesing* In fact before then we will talk sef.

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