Free Paris..$80 bucks to fill up etc

I have never really been one to complain about gas for my car but if it cost $80 to fill up a sedan, we have a problem. I heard gas will soon hit 4 bucks a gallon. What ever happened to that May 15 do not buy gas thing, doesnt look like it worked. Well, the gist of it was, I got several texts and emails saying no one should buy gas on a particular day and hopefully, the gas companies will lose so much profit they will be forced to drive prices down. Well I did not see how it made any sense but still did it anyways, anything to save a buck right? Anyways at this rate Ill be spending $330 bucks a month on gas. On the contrary maybe I should not complain, at least we have gas, unlike some oil producing country that still has fuel scarcity, as Kelly Bundy would say “it boggles the mind”

Everyone has been giving me slack for saying Free Paris Hilton. Well, yeah, dont get me wrong, I do not condone what she did but the point I was trying to make was, why release her and re arrest her. Like friggin make up your minds. Almost seems like they are making a mockery of the system. I mean how many inmates get released everyday that the judge has no clue about. Its become obvious the judge took note because of her status and it almost doesnt seeem fair. Like a power struggle between the judge and the sheriff. Anyways whatever, there are more pressing issues on earth. It was soo hilarious watching those lame paparazzis falling over each other just to get a picture of one person, when there are starving children in Africa, South America and even in Hollywood.

I still think there should be a law against paparazzing. After what happened to Princess Diana, they should be banned. Maybe no paparazzi = no attention = celebs behaving.

Anyhoo, back to my awfully busy Monday, if the rest of my week goes like this, I’ll be needing a week off at a spa. Oh gosh!, I actually think I am hopelessly in love.. well that is gist for another day.

7 thoughts on “Free Paris..$80 bucks to fill up etc


  2. Hopelessly in love, good for you but I am wrong to say that I am almost giving up on the love bit.
    Paris Hilton needs to be slapped into reality, that girl is in a whole different planet, she’s not here with us..just my 2 cents.

  3. I dunno about that paris Hilton thing man. For a long time I thought she deserved to do her time, but then I’m hearing that a regular citizen wouldn’t even have got that kinda jail time in the first place. It’s sad but I think she’s being a baby about it. Soldier up and get it over with…I doubt she complained when she was getting freebies for being a ‘celebrity.’ Part of the job huh? Oh and you’re hopelessly in love? Oh oh…watch out now!

  4. @idols.. 🙁

    @june.. kilode o

    @2cents.. well I did not say who or what I am hopelessly in love with .. lol.. could be my pinky toe. hehe

    @finboy..sup? *bats lashes* well I think if she wasnt paris she would have gotten community service or something..

  5. K’oya gba be o about d petrol increases. About d falling in love bit, I think i’m falling for your ‘budunk’. 😉
    About d paps, they rule show business. Without, d paps, there won’t be gists;without them, your favourite singers/actors won’t be known.

  6. don’t stick up for a racist. I wish people will just ignore her so she can fade into oblivion where she deserves to be.

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