Gosh!.. this sucks soo bad.. Im soooooooooooooo bored its horrible. I can’t concentrate or sit still for a second.. It really sucks being bored and restless at the same time. Specially if you do not have it in you to do anything but stay bored. Im sure there are like a million things to do but I don’t feel like doing any of them. My friend called me to come to the club, but on a tuesday night.. errr well maybe.

I need an adventure, if something interesting doesnt happen soon, I am going to start pulling my hair out one strand at a time. Sighs! or maybe its time to start considering family eeeeeeekkkk!!!!

11 thoughts on “boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

  1. I know da feeling…….in the part of town I live, there is absolutely nothing to do, it so depressing, slashing my wrist would be an excitment but I never kolo just yet.

    @jadedjune: why now, why. You just mess our toni like dat. She is a respected woman of virtue and men would be lucky to have her. So aunty dont try that again.

  2. U’re bored ke? en, get a plane ticket and fly to naija now. Or u can start taking a self-portrait of your ‘budunk’ for once. lol
    I’m bored just like u now. It’s 2.33pm and i’m at work doing the same thing for over 4 hrs, processing course applications on d database. At least i’m looking forward to going home in d next 2 hours or so.

  3. why are you bored?… what is boring you?…. how can we make your boredom go away?…. if somehow you can make your boredom go away, then please let me know.. i need a cure too,…. i am so boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed… stupendiously humongously so… now you see i am bored too!

  4. Bored? Get the Martin DVD collection. Oh my goodness…hilarious! That’s what I’m gonna be doing all summer. The guy is a joker! BTW I saw ur little video thingies on youtube…cute!

  5. @jadedjune.. last time I checked my name was not June..olofofo

    @ missclanny.. where do u live? u make it sound so rural. I live in a busy city but sometimes Im just not in the mood for city life, gosh I remember those days when we used to go clubbing thursday thru sunday… now, I get real bored and cant do anything about it.

    @pink.. hmmn I went there real quick, Ill go back to re-read in detail when I close shop. sounds fun tho.. I think Ill participate.

    @wienna.. oo men I WIIIIIIISH.. sometimes I wish LA was close to NIg like london is so I can just get up and leave for the weekend.. but 18hrs+ in the air does not permit that…besides this period is very busy for me and I cant just leave. I need to stop being such an obsessive compulsive know it and do it all.

    @tyger.. I dunno o. that night I was just bored beyond belief.. terrible thing I tell u.. hehe @ it being contagious tho

    @vixen.. hmmnnn, I don’t. thats a thot, I know for sure I need a hobby.

    @fineboy.. cute huh?. * blushing *

  6. My dear, welcome to my life. I am so bored, I think I will scream my throat dry!.
    Taking a cue from you since I want to be like you when I grow up.
    I have become creative by strategizing on various business ideas.

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