Happy Birthday to me…

I was on msn the other day and came across this.. its soo on point its scary..lol..


Have you ever wished that you could just disappear or perhaps sink into the ground after making a social gaffe that you had no idea was a social gaffe?

It’s very likely that the behavior in question seemed perfectly normal to you, because it was typical of your sign. Since impulsive Mars rules Aries, most of your societal faux pas are the result of leaping before you look. Aries tends to be rash and impulsive and isn’t above rushing in where angels fear to tread. Also, as natives of the “I AM” sign of the Zodiac, Rams tend to be so attached to their own opinions that they assume that everyone else feels the same way they do. Not so!

The biggest hurdle for an Aries to overcome is to learn to stop and think before jumping in with both feet. Your biggest asset is your unqualified belief in yourself; some other signs lack that. Perhaps the most difficult tendency to curb is your way of assuming that everyone else wants the same things you do. Some do, but many don’t.

Before you take any steps that would involve others, make sure you consult them and get their opinion of what you’re doing. Use your knowledge of each individual to judge how best to relate to them. Here are a few tips to help avoid a few potential embarrassing moments:


DO: Feel free to express your own opinions – tactfully, of course, without putting down any ideas expressed by others. Your individualism is one of the most attractive things about you.

DON’T: Brag about your accomplishments, monopolize the conversation, or get blustery. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare!


DO: Make the effort to be considerate, attentive, and charming.

DON’T: Let your Aries ego dominate the conversation. That is, unless you don’t really want to see your date again.


DO: Dare to follow the latest trends.

DON’T: Adopt the more outlandish fads. You have a good sense of humor, but you don’t want to look like a clown.


DO: Pitch right in and get going. If you’re working with a trainer, be sure and listen to what he or she says.

DON’T: Immediately start forcing yourself to do 100 sit-ups. Work your way up slowly, or your stomach muscles will never let you forget it.


DO: Show your initiative and allow your leadership ability to shine through.

DON’T: Get too pushy with your boss – or, even worse, argue with him. Unless you yourself are the boss!


DO: Be resolute in your convictions and explain yourself firmly. Try to create a win-win situation.

DON’T: Allow yourself to be drawn into a shouting match. You’d win, of course – but do you really want everyone on the street to know what a champion yeller you are?


DO: Have no hesitation about buying what you need.

DON’T: Give in to an irresistible impulse to buy everything that catches your eye. Otherwise, you may leave the store with a Chinese cuckoo clock, a collection of Mexican skull statuettes, a cologne that smells great in the bottle but awful on you – and an empty bank account.


DO: Try to be patient and not rush through them. Many Aries natives who hurry through their chores often find they’ve created a bigger mess than they were trying to clean up.

DON’T: Yell with frustration every time a task proves to be particularly aggravating. Your family will jump to the conclusion that you’ve either broken a leg or gone insane.


DO: Try new and exotic recipes from all over the world. Your family will enjoy the variety and sing your praises.

DON’T: Go too heavy on the chili peppers and jalapenos. You may like hot ‘n’ spicy food, but any more than a tiny bit of red hot peppers will send most people running for the nearest rain barrel.

DO: Make sure that your car is in tiptop condition before you take off on a road trip. It’s no fun being stranded on a lonely road waiting for a tow truck.

DON’T: Become so preoccupied that you inch up to 90 miles an hour.


DO: Be your naturally outgoing, fun-loving self. Let your naturally ardent nature have its head. Be spontaneous and unaffected. Allow your vision and aspirations to creep into the conversation now and then. That’s one of the most attractive traits you have.

DON’T: Automatically assume that your mate wants all the same things as you do and charge ahead without consulting him or her. Everyone’s different, and in all the world, there’s only one you! Remember that!

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  1. I don’t believe in horoscopes, but this is so true, it’s scary like you said. As an Aries this post has me down to a tee. Happy Birthday… I wish you many more.

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