Hard work should pay off

I wouldnt consider myself a penny pincher but you know how it is when you work very hard for your money, its always harder to part with it. I think it runs in my blood, give to others but not to yourself. lol

Well I decided to change that, like what is the point if I cant enjoy the benefits right? I decided that every end of the year I will reward myself with something new for all my hard work through the year. To kick off 2007 I decided maybe I should reward myself with a new car. I have always been a big fan of german cars, personally I think they are simply the best. So new years eve I went into the dealership to browse, I knew I wanted something but wasnt sure what. Did the basics and couple hrs later I came out with a brand new car, same color and type as the image( I absolutly adore that color). I don’t know why I couldnt resist, it was almost like the car kept saying “buy me, you will love me” lol. Very worth it. I think rewarding myself each year is going to motivate me to work harder the next year. I’m not sure what this years reward will be but in a couple of years I plan to drive out with a Maybach.cheesing hard

5 thoughts on “Hard work should pay off

  1. Toni Payne…
    Congrats on your new car!
    U worked hard for it so I totally support u rewarding yourself…
    As u said, next time, it’ll be a maybach!

    Happy New Year..

  2. hahaha Bella, Amen o but errr I have to be realistic, maybe close to retirement Ill do the Maybach, ship it to NIG and live happily ever after with my Hussy, 6 kids and plenty grand kids. lol

  3. Eh yah……congrats girl. That’s tight. Happy New Year. Am always telling my sisters, after working hard. Abeg, go out there spoil yourself: life is too short to waste o jare. Have fun girl.

  4. haha Antonia.. I swear I love you mehn.. hahahah eeeeediot your ass was posed to go sell ur car you came out with a new one…. I swear yaf crase. Shey you know they jipped you a whole sales person getting jipped by another sales person into buying a new car…. I gotta admit I can see u looking seximafied in that hottie.. ride him easy puh-lease lol! RAWK ON MAMA!

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