wowser! one drama after another..

I’m not weird but yes, I google myself.. and, I found this today

Anyhoo, onto my week….. 4 am, my phone goes off and its Ruggedman(michael) telling me he got into an accident and his car is totaled. I snap out of my beauty rest and ask for details. Apparently he was coming back from an appointment and drove under/into a luxury bus. If anyone is familiar with the akpongbon(sp) area, well there is this narrow part of it when you come down the bridge. The luxury bus had been parked there, no hazard lights, no cones, no warning, and of course lagos street lights are crap or non existent…

So, my darling friend drove smack into it. From the way he described his car and the scene my guess is he is lucky to be alive.. Anyhoo, we thank God he is ok but it just makes me mad knowing that one persons recklessness can cause another so much grief. When accidents happen people are usually quick to blame the driver but I know for a fact that Michael is a very careful driver especially at night. In NIG you dont have to be a reckless driver to be at risk, hell, all you have to do is accelerate. I dont know how many more have to die or get hurt for the govt to get the friggin message. JT Tom West died, Ramsey got hurt bad, Walata got hurt bad. All avoidable crap. Fix the roads, fix the street lights and make the roads safe for all.

Shameless Plug: His hit song Ruggedy baba can be heard on my mag wesbite

FYI: I have decided to vote Donald Duke for president. I sincerely hope he wins.

and then… two of our sales girls had to be let go for stealing. The story was quite funny actually, one of the girls had stolen and worn the Toni Payne underwear under her WHITE pants. hehehehe.. talk about a dumb criminal. Of course, white pants will do wot ooo, will show through. So, basically, you could see the toni payne logo splashed across her bum. Before she could be confronted the other sales girl alerted her and she went and quickly turn it inside out. Well too late buddy, cos u have been seen.

When she was confronted, she denied it, she was asked to prove it (naija style), she got caught and got fired. See, two types of people I cant stand are thieves and liars… They irk the living daylight out of me. Anyhoo, the third sales girl and security guards basically implicated the second one, she was arrested, the first escaped before the cops came and get this… she had the nerve to come back the next day to ask for her SALARY.. hahahahahahaha wonders shall never end.

If they had a show called Naijas dumbest criminals I’m sure it will be a hit.. I’d be the host with the most. lol

and then.. I heard City People published something about me this week but of course being in the boonies called LA with little or no access to anything NIG, I havent seen it or have a clue what was written and my source did not give me details. I’ve told mines to get a copy for me, hopefully he wont take his merry time. If anyone has a copy of this weeks city people holla at me..

and then… I just want to say RIP PAQ250.. You served me well and we will surely miss you, my laptop gave up the ghost yesterday. Burial arrangements will be announced soon. 🙁



  1. Anonymous

    As a business owner myself, i would never share details of my employees’ action with the public. That’s completely unfair and unprofessional. I would only explain the consequences of such behaviour to potenetial employees or present employees. I understand the zero tolerance on such behaviour but having to come on the world wide web to report and ridicule such an act is completely mundane. I understand the desire to engage your readers on your blog, don’t just get carried away with it.


  2. bgt

    On the contrary, so far she isnt mentioning any employees names, then it does not matter.

    Also keep in mind that we are not talking about the USofA or Canada or Europe here…

    The way we handle our business in certain parts of Africa is different.

    So Karen, dont break your head over it.

    Meanwhile, TPayne…sorry about the car accident of your buddy man. And those girls wey dey tiff sontin, e good as they were caught, so that this serves as an example to the other folks working.

    Meanwhile am i seeing you soon or what? Update a sistuh!

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for your comment bgt, but i’ll be damned if i give a shit on how business runs in Nigeria. BUSINESS IS BUSINESS. Is ridiculing an employee’s nasty behaviour online an effective way of running a business? Talk about nasty work ethics!

    The issue is such employee behaviours should not be communicated that way. But you probably wouldn’t know that. Because you’re not a business owner.

    All i’m saying is: it’s very unprofessional and unfair. You don’t do that. NIGERIA/CHINA/UK/USA. Geez, living in America, You would think TP should know that. Oh well, it’s your business, suit yourself (and those of your readers’)


  4. Toni Payne

    “Karen” first I can try to understand where you are coming from only if I gave names and possibly addresses.

    Second of all, professional is my middle name, I deal with tons of folks on a daily basis and seeing as you are supposedly a business owner you should not know unless you are professional people may not want to deal with you.. and so far darl, I have an excellent track record.

    Third, you talk about fair, was it fair for these employees to steal from me? apparently you have not seen a newspaper ad with pictures of ex employees and a lovely disclaimer at the bottom.

    Fourth, I honestly do not like having to explain myself. but mind you “Karen” I am humoring myself here, because in all honesty I do not like dealing with anybody on the WWW who has to hide behind a fake alias especially in this day and age where technology has advanced and people should know better.. Its almost as if, you are insulting my intelligence.

    Thanks for the advice though, I really appreciate it and will take it into conisderation. Also thanks for visiting my blog, and please do come back again 🙂

  5. Toni Payne

    BGT darl, I dont think so.. sucks for me but it looks like December will be crazy around here so I cant leave.

    Per the girls, yes o I’m very happy but you know they say every day for the thief, one day for the owner..

  6. Icy

    That’s crazy gurl. Glad you got that sorted. Tiff Tiff that one was blatant ah ah!!! pata lol of all things!!! come on naw..!

    I just read the comments on here.

    It’s funny how people almost always want to HELP others regulate their blog.. omo na your blog write whatever pleases you TP. I was reading Funmi Iyanda’s blog about 3 weeks ago and someone posted (of course anonymous ) saying it’s a wrong career move basically for her to have an opinion and voice it.. Wut da hell are people afraid of? I mean damn!.. Frankly people that think that way are CONTROL FREAKS… they can’t control everything in their lives so they look out to control other peoples lives/thinking.. and they come in to post, monitor your blog in hopes that what they typed has influenced your blog process. And if they notice a change they smile at themselves thinking “she changed because of me” omo they need to get over themselves quick cuz it’s not that deep o lol!

    I do mean to bash on you Karen and I’m guessing you are Nigerian. (6th sense) don’t take it personally just like you, me sef I dey post my opinion.

    Toni please do get carried away and post what you feel you want to it’s your blog. emphasis on YOUR…BLOG!

  7. Toni Payne

    Icy, you know I will always do me. (not literally.. lol)

  8. Tseshe

    Abeg Pay the girl her money. Then put pepper up her yansh…lol.

    Are you answering Karen – It’s not like we’re talking espionage here. It’s a nice story about an ole employee. I don’t give a rats ass, but if you steal from me – I will cast you.


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