They found my bag

9 days
Countless phonecalls
Countless emails
Driving back and forth
8 sleepless nights later

KLM found my bag. To say I am happy is an understatement. My phone rang at 11:50pm and it was the NWA agent I met with on Sunday calling to tell me my bag came in today and they will deliver it tomorrow. After all I had been through? I dont think so! He said they would be closing at 12:45 am, so was I sure. Of course Im sure, even if it means turning my car into a jet. hehehe. So I told him to hold it and Id be on my way to pick it up. I ran to my car and 5 minutes before they closed I had my bag in my possesion.

Note to travellers: Please always have an identifying mark on your bag that makes it stand out. Hell Im bout to go findsome neon pink bags and paint on them. Thats how the man realized it was my bag, because it had initials on it and well, its hard to forget me being adamant about a bag with large initials that cant be missed. He looked happy to be giving me my bag back and lord knows I was very happy to get it back. Going through its content, I was like whooa all these items would have gone just like that. I had sooo much paperwork inside ( very smart right?). Well now its back to business as usual. I thank God that I found my bag. Its amazing ow events like this can throw you off course. He is truly merciful. Thanks to all those who wished me luck and those who prayed. It really helped.

Signing off I would just like to sing a song by Sound Sultan called prayers.. ( chorus only)
No waste your time
No waste your time
Your weapon no fit match my own
The more you dey try
The more we dey shine
With help from the one divine.
bow bow bow
bow bow nowww
bow to the one most high
bowwww.. bow down now
or keep on wasting your time.

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