Welcome to the world of Bloggers

I’m not exactly sure what it is, maybe I was bored, maybe my brain was a little tired from working too much and needed something different, or maybe it was the inspiration I got from friends like Icyangel and Adaure or it could be enjoying too much of Naijagal and Bellanaija blogs, whatever it is I am officially a blogger.

I do not know what took me so long but I think it was the thot of telling the world wide web (yes you never know who is reading) your personal business. While trying to decide what blog to use i went back and forth between blogger and Xanga. Hmm, personally, i think I like the simplicity of Blogger better. I just figured most of the Xanga pages I saw seemed cluttered and with my low attention span that definitely would not have worked for me. So blogger it is and I am loving the Classic Black..

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, what does Toni have to say? Well probably a bunch of interesting nothing. Ill try my possible best not to bore you guys but let me warn you, I’m still a virgin blogger, I have the tendency to rant and rave a lot, and I will be going on and on about my cosmetic line and how it is the best thing to happen to mankind (lol) so take it easy on me hehehe.

Gosh!.. right about now I feel like one of my fav actresses Rachel True on the UPN show Half in Half.

So with all that said I would like to welcome myself to the world of Blogging..

Oh Shoot!!.. How rude, I forgot to introduce myself.. My name is Toni Payne. Young female entrepreneur. I reside in Southern California, I live 20 mins from Hollywood but Im a world away from the pretenciousness (yes I said pretentiousness, lol.. If you watched the last season of America’s Next Top Model you would understand) of it all. I have a cosmetic company called Toni Payne Cosmetics and a clothing store called Hotntrendy. I love to travel and bla bla bla bla bla.. lol

Anyhoo.. this is me rocking Toni Payne Platinum and Element5 Makeup. ahh!. I did my makeup myself and this is what I used. Element5 Mineral Makeup in Cool Dark Powder Foundation, normally I am a Warm Brown but I wanted to add a bit of color to my face and it worked out well. On my eyes I used Element5 Rich Gold on the lid, Cream Dream below my brow and a touch of Radiant black in my crease. On my cheeks I used bit of Element5 Warm Rouge and mixed it with a bit of Toni Payne chaos for that poppy yet natural look.

Since my lips are supposedly one of my best features i decided to enhance them a bit with some red lipgloss. I used Toni Payne Fresh on the bottom and Sunset red on top so its not toooooo red but kinda subtle, glossy, come kiss me,( lol) sultry red. I lined with with Toni Payne Root Beer Lip Liner. Hmmm, I do not know what I am forgetting but that should be about it. A little goes a long way..

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the world of Bloggers

  1. hahaha finally. I mean damn. I like the pumping of TP cosmetics. I’ve used Element 5 I can testify the shege is sharp.. Look forward to reading this!

  2. You are seriously looking great. At a first glance, I don’t it was one of the models.

    P.S. Don’t be confused by the name though. Thats my new nick. I love the guy so much. Ma real name’s Folake.

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