We get to see Tyson Beckford Strip in “Chocolate City” ? Ohhh Yeaah!

tyson beckford michael jai What happens when you put super model hottie Tyson Beckford and Sexy cute actor Michael Jai White in a movie? Now, what happens when one of these men is plays a strippers and the other a boss in said movie? A hot new movie called Chocolate City and a whole lotta female heat is what happens. lol. Word on the street is that Director Jean-Claude LaMarre is planning to shoot a movie about the lives of Black male strippers. Remember the movie Players club? Well picture the male version of it. Yeah Ladies, I just drooled too.  Tyson Beckford half naked, fully naked, just naked, naked naked naked will get me out to the theaters anytime any day. When I heard this movie was in the works, I was like, even though they could be miming and I would still watch,  lets hope the story line is executed properly. We already know the men can act, I especially liked Michael Jai in Tyler Perry’s “Why did I get Married.”, so lets hope they bring out the best in this movie all nekkid and all. hehe. The film is about a college student named Devin, who finds himself engrossed in the lifestyle of making quick cash from stripping. He eventually struggles with choosing between his upbringing and the lifestyle he has found himself in. Tyson Beckford like I said plays a stripper but he is out shined by this Devin character. Oh boy, that means the Devin character must be hot hot hot!. I can’t wait to see the full cast. Shooting will commence in Los Angeles in June. Please, if you need anyone to rub baby oil on the fellas, Mr LaMarre do holla at me. lol

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