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My luck with ride share needs to change - Hilarious Travel ChroniclesI know this is meant to be travel chronicles, so if travelling by car counts, here is my hilarious travel story. I recently just started taking a popular transportation service. Because ride share is a bit cheaper, I tend to use it to save cost. On three separate occasion I have had incidents that almost made me want to quit using this service. Most times however, things have gone smoothly.

The Catfished Driver

One day I booked a car to drive me to my destination. I noticed the driver was nearby so I went outside to wait for him. Upon spotting him, I walked towards the car. As I was about to open the door, he drove away. I stood there in disbelief. I think I must have stood out there for 5 more minutes before booking another car. Till today I wonder what his motive was. It was so embarrassing because I looked like someone who had catfished her date and he drove off after spotting her.

The Crazy Passenger

Another funny incident that happened to me on this ride share was with another passenger. She must have been having a bad day because when she opened the door and saw me sitting there, she slammed it back, almost clipping my man. I was so irate, I angrily moved to the front seat. We exchanged words throughout the ride. I was so glad when she finally got off and of course I had to get the last word in because I told her to go get a life as she exited the vehicle.

The Psycho Driver

Finally another funny ride share story actually happened with the driver. When I saw her, I though to myself, please do not let this lady be crazy. I guess my instincts were right because she was the craziest driver I had ever driven with. Usually, it takes me about 20 minutes to get to my destination but she got there under 12 minutes. She was driving so crazily my handbag flew to the other side of the car. I held on to the coat hangers before I would be the next thing flying. Telling her to slow down did not work either. Lets just say I was glad when that ride was over.

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