How to achieve younger looking skin and prevent common skin problems

How to achieve younger looking skin and prevent common skin problems 2

Having healthy skin is important if you want to look and feel younger. You skin is the largest organ on your body so like other organs requires care. Caring for your skin can be as simple as what you put into your body or as complex as a daily skin care regime. Because everyone is different, some will have naturally beautiful skin, while some have to work a bit harder to achieve it. One thing both have in common is that healthy skin is mandatory for beautiful skin. If you have issues with your skin, it is best to resolve it immediately.

Skin care is overlooked by a lot of people. Some are not used to a daily skin care routine, while some may simply forget. Something as simple as drinking 6 glasses of water a day can make a world of difference in your skin. People also tend to ignore environmental factors that can contribute to skin problems. Being aware of these factors can also help improve your skin.

Common Skin Problems

One of the most common problem that affects the skin is acne. Acne can be mild or severe. A common myth that surrounds acne is that you can only get it on your face. This is not true. Most acne sufferers will tell you that it can also affect your body, most especially your back. Acne can prevent you from having younger looking skin by leaving acne scars on the surface of your skin.

There are several ways to prevent acne on the body.
i. First thing would be to always wash your skin well. Washing your skin will help get rid of dirt, oils and germs that can cause acne.
ii.You should also avoid always wearing skin-tight clothes. Skin tight clothes may prevent your skin from breathing properly. It can also trap sweat on your body which can lead to acne.
iii. Washing your face everyday with mild soap and warm water will also help prevent or reduce your acne. A dirty face is common ground for acne to occur.

If you have acne, it is best practice not to squeeze or touch them because it could infect the pores and leave acne scares. This may also aggravate the acne even more, making the problem worse. If you prefer to go the medical route, maybe because of severe acne, you can see a dermatologist to recommend some skin care medications for you.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is another common skin problem that can stop you from achieving younger looking skin. The solution to dry skin can be as simple as keeping your skin properly moisturized.

i. Applying a cream moisturizer to a damp face can help lock moisture in. Make sure you apple the moisturizer in circular motion, while gently massaging it into your skin. Moisturizer with an SPF work great if you need added protection from the sun. If you moisturizer your skin daily and do not see any improvement, it may be best to contact your dermatologist.

ii. Honey is also a great for locking moisture in your skin. If you have severe dry skin, you can try a honey mask. Simply take a spoon full of organic raw honey. Rub the honey all over your clean face. Wait 15 minutes, then wash it off. Gently dab your skin with a clean towel, and apply a moisturizer. You will find that your skin feels softer and more supple after the honey mask treatment.

Brown Spots
Brown spots and hyper pigmentation is usually called by over exposure to ultra violet rays. To prevent brown spots and hyper pigmentation, you should always protect your skin when you are outdoor. A good sunscreen lotion with an SF of 15 or higher is recommended. Even if you are not sure if the weather will be sunny, it is still good practice to use sunscreen.

If you already have brown spots or hyper pigmentation, there are natural recipes you can use to reduce them. Lemon, Rice Water, Apple Cider Vinegar all work well to reduce discoloration. You will need to find which one work for you. Some brown spots and hyper pigmentation may require a visit to the dermatologist. If your discoloration is very severe, they will be able to recommend creams you could use to get rid of them.

In conclusion

Remember, what you eat and drink is also very important to achieving younger looking skin. The most important factor to having healthy skin is what you put in your body. Eating healthy can help cleanse your system. The effects of a clean healthy system will show on the surface.

If you decide to use a dermatologist, always research and make sure you find one with experience treating your individual problem. Make sure you detail your skin problems so you can explain it better to your dermatologist. This will help them understand and help you better.

To look and feel younger,  you have to take care of your skin.


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