Best Beaches Around the World

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Some of the Best Beaches Around The World !

Every up coming vacation brings a new feeling of joy and happiness. You have worked hard almost the whole year, and you have more than deserve a holiday full of enjoyment, excitement and relaxation. But, there is one constant issue while planning your holidays: where to go?  You carefully research some of the best places you could go to spend this coveted time. With the magnitude of options, this decision can be hard. Your funds allow you to select among the wide variety of destinations and places. You know you need to investigate each of them individually.

There are numerous factors to be considered when choosing your next vacation hot spot. One very popular factor is if you love the beach. If you are someone who most of your vacation on the beach, then the beaches, along with the accommodation, are the crucial factors to be considered. And, while there are pages and pages filled with the most various hotel offers, you rarely get the description of the beaches.

That is why we have for you a short list of the best beaches in the world, hoping that one of these will inspire you to visit the place and experience the never-to-be-forgotten moments.

Bora Bora (Tahiti) – A Love At First Sight

Best Beaches Around the World bora bora

The ‘firstborn’ beach, as its name originally suggests, Bora Bora is among the most splendid beaches in the world. This beach is the dream of many travelers around the world. It is particularly popular with those who are in love and yearn to visit the so-called ‘romantic island’. Bora Bora is indeed a magical place, with the white sand beaches, tropical slopes, palm trees, and the perfect emerald water. What is more, once you see the luxurious resorts and spas, you may end booking accommodation on the most beautiful island in the world. You won’t feel bored since the Islanders are constantly organizing various excursions and activities such as snorkeling and diving.

Seychelles – Offers Memorable Landscapes

Best Beaches Around the World - seychelles

Seeing the heaven-like beauty of one of the most photographed beaches in the world makes you want to stay in Seychelles forever. This is indeed the place where you can find your inner peace, gather all your thoughts together and above all, have a peaceful vacation. The most beautiful beach, called Anse Source d’Argent, has pale pink sand, turquoise water, and the visitors enjoy while swimming in the relatively shallow ocean, protected from the waves by a reef. Being an extremely famous touristic place, Seychelles will also offer super all-inclusive accommodation as well as somewhat cheaper lodging. Therefore, you don’t have to be a millionaire to visit the spectacular beach like this one. It is also easy to find a suitable accommodation to meet your budget.

Langkawi (Malaysia) – Makes Your Wishes Come True

Best beaches around the world - Langkawi

The name “Langkawi” island is translated as ‘the land of one’s wishes’, and the place is a perfect spot for anyone who wants to make a short escape from everything. Langkawi has anything a traveler may desire: white sand, clean beaches, sapphire blue water and lush green forests. Of course, accommodation is excellent, and in case you decide to visit the best time of the year to visit Langkawi, is between April and August. The island has several resorts that will make your stay memorable. Some of these resorts also organize various activities.

Maldives – Makes You The Happiest Person Alive

Best Beaches Around the World - maldives

You have seen the beauty of Maldives in photos numerous times, but have you ever considered visiting the place? The pictures say thousands of words, but what does the live view do? In Maldives you can capture the beauty of unforgettable landscapes in person. All the blue, green, white, brown, or purple shadows will stay carved in your memory forever. That is why visiting Maldives will be an experience to remember. The beaches in Maldives are indeed God-given. The warm blue water with various colorful fish, beach sand as white as the smiles of the locals and high green palm trees will make all your worries go away. As for accommodation and activities, be sure these will exceed your expectations. Quick advice: don’t leave the place until you go snorkeling and diving.

St. Barts – Brings You A Lot Of Relaxation

Best Beaches Around the World - st barts

Caribbean Sea has many beautiful islands, but if you really want to visit the one with some of the most beautiful beaches, then choose St. Barts. The beaches here are secluded, clean, and simply to relax all your senses. The island is 13 kilometres long and has at least 20 spectacular beaches with sparkling water and warm white sand. What is more, St. Barts offers gracious hotels and fine French cuisine. Therefore, should you seek for a heaven on Earth, St. Barts is the destination for you.

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  1. Nice post. All these places are looking excellent. Maya Bay is on of the great place for vacation. Paradise is not lost — Maya Bay of the Phi Phi Islands has resurrected from the loss and devastation suffered from the 2004 tsunami, and it is as magnificent as ever. Maya Bay is stunning and luxurious with panoramic views of the Andaman Sea. Maya Bay is best known for a number of movies filmed there, including “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

  2. Barts is the only one I have been to on the list but I hope to travel to more. I always had a love for water and the beach. Because of work, I don’t get to spend as much time on them as I would like to. If everything works out in my favor, I will soon be working part time and be able to VK more. Great article!

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