A Floating Hotel in Paris

Did you know that Paris, in France has a floating hotel?

The hotel simply called OFF is located on the Seine River at the foot of the Austerlitz station. I absolutely love the idea because it gives the traveler a different type of hotel to stay at. From the exterior, Off is quite simple. The wow factor comes in it’s elements. The Off Hotel is a small yet cozy hotel with 54 rooms and 4 suites. It also has a bar, a plunge pool and a beautiful marina.


A Floating Hotel in Paris - designer silver suite

The designer silver suite is probably the most luxurious room at Off for luxury travelers, followed by the Designer sunset suite and the Horizon suite. The silver suite features an in room spa tub complete with TV. I absolutely love the white and silver with a splash of yellow decor.

A Floating Hotel in Paris - right bank room
The bank rooms, although quaint are lovely. Plush comforters and pillows with a flat screen TV will leave you snuggling up in your room all day. All rooms have a pretty view of the river so you really can’t go wrong if you are looking for a room with a view. All rooms come with a double bed so if you are travelling with more than two people, you may need more than one room.


A Floating Hotel in Paris - off bar
If you love music, Off offers a playlist to set the right mood from breakfast to dinner. Is off a proposers paradise? Well, yes!. Imagine how romantic it would be proposing or getting proposed at a romantic dinner by the river. If you like interesting elaborate first dates, Off would leave your date in awe of your taste in places to hang out.

The creativity I think is in its location. This to me is what makes OFF stand out most. Another awesome thing about OFF is that it is affordable at under $200 per night for the Dock View Rooms. That is less than an average beach side hotel in Los Angeles, so guess where I will be staying when next I am in Paris? Off of course.

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A Floating Hotel in Paris - off horizon suite

A Floating Hotel in Paris - designer silver suite 2

A Floating Hotel in Paris - designer silver suite 3

A Floating Hotel in Paris - right bank room

(Picture credit: OFF)

7 thoughts on “A Floating Hotel in Paris

  1. This place looks amazing! Honestly this is some place that I would love to go. I mean could you imagine staying here? It would be so awesome! If I ever go to Paris, I’m totally staying here.

  2. I can bet that costs a pretty penny to stay in! LOL! But yes, it is absolutely stunning. I love how the decor blends in with the atmosphere of the ocean. It must gently rock which has to feel nice to fall asleep to. I wouldn’t mind spending a few days or weeks in a place like that!

  3. Whelp, I hope my wife never sees this! haha I am not a fan of Paris and she knows this but this is the kind of thing that would make her beg me to go. I honestly wouldn’t mind going and staying here if it was somewhere else. I went to Paris once as a kid and it basically ruined me. I won’t go in to details. haha

  4. What a great vacation. You seriously having me yearning for summer! And how fun to go back with the kids. The looks are absolutely beautiful.. I will go back there sometime in the future.

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