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Global trends in tourism have switched very fast in recent years. Some countries gain a lot from such changes, while others end up big losers. With such changes, new spots are bound to emerge, even though there are no significant changes when it comes to world’s top tourist destinations like France, Spain, Japan, the USA and other famous travel hotspots.

However, solo and single travelers, who enjoy not only the historical monuments but also breathtaking landscapes and cultural heritage have somewhat different travel lists than groups of people who travel together. For a solo traveler, it is important to investigate the safety as well as the ‘happening’ ranking of the country they wish to visit. It is not enough for a country to have only untouched natural beauties. It also needs to offer something fun, catchy, and interesting.

A decade ago, solo travelling was a kind of a taboo. Those who decided to travel alone were regarded as weirdos and antisocial people. How many times did you think of staying home during your vacation just because you are single and afraid of going somewhere all by yourself? At least couple of times, we suppose. But today, more and more people choose to fulfill their dreams and go to their desired destinations alone. They choose to enjoy every corner of the country, to soak the beauty, soul, and heart of the place, and to capture magnificent memories.

That is why all of you who decide for single and solo travelling in 2016, should take into consideration at least some of the destinations offered bellow. All of them are incredible, exciting, fascinating, and breathtaking.


Best Places To Travel Solo while Single - canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world. As a solo traveller, you should inevitably consider visiting this beautiful country. Perhaps its most attractive city is Vancouver – settled between mountains and water, but with extraordinary accommodation and fantastic Asian cuisine. The country is extremely safe, with the safety ranking being 7.

Once you visit Vancouver, you will have the opportunity to enjoy amazing nature and attend live music festivals, with the most popular one being called Osheaga. There are also plenty of other outdoor activities to enjoy. Summer in Vancouver makes people spend most of their time outside their homes.

When it comes to accommodation, you should know that many students rent their rooms during the summer. Hence, if you actually plan to visit Canada, search the web to find suitable accommodation. You can also use certain apps to make friends even before you arrive in Vancouver.


Best Places To Travel Solo while Single - ireland

Should you decide to travel solo to Ireland, you will not feel alone at all. The Irish feelings of welcome are well-known. If you are sitting in a pub and drinking a traditional Irish beer, or just walking down the gardens in Dublin, you will feel equally welcome. Ireland is also is very peaceful. Its safety ranking is 13 in the world. Plus, numerous events are organised throughout the whole year in this incredible ‘green’ country.

Of course, what will undoubtedly make you stay in Ireland as long as possible, are its landscapes, sceneries and unforgettable natural surroundings. Many places in Ireland are under UNESCO’s protection. Also, if you are a literature lover, you simply have to visit Dublin. So, what do you say? Want to book a B&B in Ireland?


Best Places To Travel Solo while Single - netherlands

This European country is already a popular destination for solo travelers. Many people call it the solo traveler’s Disneyland. The country is peaceful and full of various happenings. What lures the tourists most to the Netherlands is the fact that the country is very, very liberal. The Dutch are considered to be among the most accepting people in Europe, so your way of life would not be strange to them at all. In addition, the country is beautiful.

With flowers on every corner of the country, towns with crisscrossed canals, and warm people who enjoy riding bikes, what else do you need? Spectacular adventures are surely awaiting for you in the Netherlands. Hence, don’t hesitate to book your ticket to the European dream-come-true country for solo travelers.


Best Places To Travel Solo while Single - iceland

Iceland is a Nordic island country that has to thank its growing popularity to the newest episode of Star Wars Saga – The Force Awakens. Most of the desolate wintry scenes of the movie where filmed here. This has made fans of the movie from all around the world rush to Iceland to check out the scenery in person.

Picturesque surroundings filled with craters, lakes, and active volcanoes, is definitively worth seeing. Many natural baths with water warmed by geothermal heat will attract all, and not only the movie fans. Iceland has many other attractions that will surely preserve and further increase its growing popularity.


Best Places To Travel Solo while Single - indonesia

All the solo travelers who prefer more quiet and less crowded places should consider visiting Bali, Indonesia. The country is less safe, with the safety ranking 54, but it still lures the visitors with its affordable lodging, food, and additional luxury travel services.

If you practice yoga, then Indonesia will be particularly interesting, since many tourists use the beaches and temples to relax, and find their inner peace. Don’t forget to visit Indonesian markets. You will surely be surprised by their offer and cheap souvenirs. So, is this year saved for visiting Indonesia? Why not?!


  1. Sandra

    I would love to go to a few of these places even though I am in a relationship. I’d never pass up the chance to see beautiful scenery!

  2. Danielle

    These places look amazing! I would love to travel to Iceland. I have a couple friends who have gone there before, and they loved it. I’ve always wanted to travel solo somewhere before. Maybe some time I will actually do it! I would totally love to go to some of these places!

  3. Britanica

    I am going to be happily married soon so I don’t have to worry about a list like this anymore! I do like the destinations and the reasons why to visit. Canada seems like the best place to me to travel alone safely too. I don’t think I would feel safe going anywhere else alone. Specially not overseas.

  4. Valvenice

    This was great – super helpful! Thanks for being brutally honest with us, you speak my languagel. ? I’m currently scheming of ways to go on vacation…just with the hubs. And mine is all about those Southwest perks, too!


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