When is it ok to take your Wig off in front of him?

take your wig offIf you are a lady who rocks wigs I am sure you have been faced with that ultimate decision – when do I let him know I wear wigs and the oh so dreaded – when do I take my wig off in front of him?  The simple answer is when you feel comfortable. Problem is, it isn’t always that simple is it? I know a lot of ladies seldom feel comfortable about doing the big reveal at the early stages of a relationship. Sometimes, not letting him know early can lead to wig-drobe malfunctions. Imagine yourself having a hot pull my hair make out with the boo, and he literally pulls your hair OFF!. LOL. Totally embarrassing right? Imagine how shocked he will be. The first question that probably pops up in your head will be, does he still find you attractive? Followed by an “oh my he probably thinks I’m weird.” lol. Well, I am sure he still finds you attractive and may think you are a little weird but not for the reasons you are thinking. If you caught him off guard, what were you expecting his reaction to be? I say it’s better he knows early than the wig coming off unexpectedly. 

I know some men are now used to the concept of ladies wearing weaves so running their hands through your hair and feeling those tracks may not be a big surprise. However, taking the entire hair off, may! I say to avoid the whole “when should I take my wig off” saga, it is best to be honest upfront. Truth is most men are understanding when they are not in shock. A lot of them also don’t really care, most especially if they like you. Wig, Weave, it really doesn’t matter as long as you are hot in their eyes right?

So when that man says, oh I love your hair. If you have a wig on, simple say, oh this old thing? Its just a wig. That right there can remove all wig revelation tension in the relationship. I think the best way to do a wig revelation is with good humor. Trust me, you want to laugh it off so that he doesn’t see it as a big deal. Always make sure to keep your real hair neatly done underneath the wig, just in case it does come off in front of him or he wants you to prove that that really isn’t your hair.

I know women wear wigs for different reasons. Some do it to give their real hair some rest. Some do it because they like the idea of changing up their look. Some do it because wearing a weave is just too much of a hassle. Some do it because they simply love wigs. Some do it for medical reasons. Whatever the reason is, if you choose to rock a wig, go ahead and rock it proudly and don’t get caught off guard or shock anyone. lol

Do you have any funny wig revelation stories you would like to share? Feel free to comment below.


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2 thoughts on “When is it ok to take your Wig off in front of him?

  1. Why do ladies like to deceive themselves. We men are not so stupid that we do not know when it is your real hair. If we do not talk it doesn’t mean we do not know. Nice writeup all the same

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