Why do Men Cheat on their Pretty Wives or Girlfriends?

why do men cheat

Once in a while I have to kick back and admit that I do not know it all. lol. This post was prompted by one of those days. Everytime I hear of a real pretty woman that a lot of men would give up their birthright to date getting cheated on, my jaw kinda ┬ádrops. Then when I see the alleged “mistress” and she is like not even half as pretty as the wife, my jaw stays dropped. So, I am pretty much asking, Why do men cheat on their pretty wives? Note I said pretty. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and bla bla bla but we cannot deny that there are some women that are generally stunning.

I have heard numerous excuses why men cheat like, “she let herself go” “she stopped being hot”, “she lost her mojo” and so much more. What happens when she did not let herself go, she is a good woman, she is drama free but he still cheats? Remember every situation is different and this topic is very general to lets stick to the description above. I always say men say women are confused, but I feel men are even more confused than we are. So please can men explain to me, is it that some just have no self control and cannot be monogamous? Is it the whole variety is the spice of life thing? What exactly are men attracted to because if it was just looks, some of the women listed below would never have gotten cheated on..

My list is not limited to wives alone. Here is a little rundown..

Halle Berry got cheated on…

Beyonce has been cheated on…

Kim Kardashian has been cheated on…

Elizabeth Taylor has been cheated on…

Vanessa Williams has been cheated on..

Even Kobe cheated on his wife with all her pouty lips with some basic broad..

Chris Brown had the gully to cheat on Rihanna…

and the list goes on..

As women, we spend so much time trying to look good. We put a lot of emphasis on looking good. I think we need to take a step back and ask men, what exactly makes yall tick..

So why do you think men cheat on their pretty mates? Feel free to share your thoughts

7 thoughts on “Why do Men Cheat on their Pretty Wives or Girlfriends?

  1. I think men cheat for 3 main reasons. Cheating has very little to do with looks.
    Reason 1: Men cheat when there is something they crave but lack in their woman. Many times these men have complained and talked but were rebuffed for being too demanding or being too insensitive. For example a man that loves having a clean kitchen and the wife keeps it dirty, or loves friend plantain etc. It could be anything. When he starts to derail and finds it outside he starts cheating. It has nothing to do with looks or sex, it is something else that he is looking for. This type is difficult to stop because the man must make a conscious effort to cope with what he has at home and stop finding it outside.
    Reason 2: For fun. This is easy to stop if he truly loves the woman he is with.
    Reason 3: Sex. If the sex isnt good, or the sex isnt as frequent, the man can stray. Many times this is also very difficult to stop. It takes a mental re-evaluation for the man to stop. He has to decide to stop and work on his sexual life at home.

    These are no excuses for cheating. No man should cheat just as no woman should cheat. But you asked for reasons and I have given you the reasons based on my own perspective as a man. Finally, the best solution to this is to marry someone you are totally in tune with, this will ensure the persons errors and mistakes do not make you cheat. It is also important to marry someone you are sexually compatible with. If you have sex a lot with your partner the likelihood of cheating is greatly reduced.

  2. I’ve been cheated on…very shitty feeling ever. Daily a million plus thoughts run thru my head as if I’ve done something wrong in are relationship. Also I’m having problems with my self esteem now and alot of other issues now due to him cheating. I feel unwanted, not attractive and so on….

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