Read: So I am officially writing my 1st book… Toni Payne’s early week rambling

toni payne background copyI remember a conversation with a friend of mine a few years back. His name is Rotimi. Rotimi came to my house one day with the sole purpose of trying to convince me to be a rapper.  Me? A Rapper? hahaha  yeah right. I may have a way with words but I sure as hell don’t know how to rap, I told him. He was like, Toni your voice is your selling point, stop wasting your time with other things. Food for thought.

I knew I couldn’t rap, I also knew there was something about my voice that captivates (mostly men) hahahaaha.. ok I’m joking, women too sha like it.. but you know when you own something, you are usually the last person to see the value or big deal in it.. ahhhh… I digress!… So I promised him I would think about it. He still checks on me from time to time to see if I have changed my mind. I am sure he will be happy to read what I have to say below.  

Anyway, fast forward. So I was having a conversation with another one of my friends recently, we were discussing business models, finance, you know, the boring stuff. I told her that for me a successful person is one who can incorporate passion and business. Meaning? Making money out of what you absolutely love doing. You never get tired of it, and the passion will drive you to always give it your very best. I don’t know a better formula than that.  I have spent the better part of my life doing things that make me in that sense I do not see myself as successful YET! ok ok.. I digress again..

So after that conversation, I decided to pen down things I am passionate about, and things I have always wanted to do, then rewrite them into ranks from most to least passionate. Some of the things that were penned down of course was writing, PR, Photography and Spoken word poems, not just writing the poem but reading it  (AHHH you cant begin to understand the excitement i get when I am about to go and voice).

Like I enjoy practicing how to voice my poetry in such a way that the listener becomes one with my words and can totally relate.  Im still not 120% perfect, but hey who is? So top on the list of things I have always wanted to do was write a book. Story telling. I can story tell for Africa.. hahahaha. Call me tales by moonlight.  Then it hit me, passion = voicing , wanted to do = book.. Join it together and you get?  Say it with me.. Audio Book.. hahaha..  Me I be action babe o.. Soon as that hit me, I jumped on my lappy and penned down some ideas that have been in my head for years.. Lo and Behold, I had the 1st draft of 2 chapters.. I dont want to give too much away, you know before I start singing one of Felas Songs.. but its nothing technical like ‘How to cook Creme Brulee”. Its simple, its fun, like I said, call me “tales by moonlight” *wink* *wink*

Anyways, In all my excitement I pinged my friend Lanre and kept going on an on about how Im in such a fantatic place of self discovery. I love my poetry, I am loving life so much right now, my brain is doing the most bla bla bla and  I am finally writing my 1st book. Of course I had to read it to him so I’m like Oya dude pick up your phone.. haha. How that man is not tired of me by now, I just don’t

Ok Lanre is like one of my biggest supporters, so when I was done reading, the silence on the other end got me like.. ok maybe im the only one who likes it, but the next thing that followed was a WOW!.. hehehe He was like “Toni, you are good, that was fantastic and captivating”..  hahaha in my mind I’m dancing azonto and saying Whoop Whoop.. of course I wasn’t done there, had to holla at my sister Buki aka Afrikim, and she was like I love it.. she dint even make fun of me or crack any TP jokes.. haha that’s a good sign.  I did an audio sample and mailed it to some friends that I trust their opinion and they all had positive feedback. Hey! dont blame me, the PR and Marketting part of my personality just had to do a survey .. hahaha..

so yeah.. I am officially writing my first book.. I will be converting the book into an audio format just to give a different user experience but will probably have a print version, If the demand is high. I am releasing it in America first but also talking to a marketer in Naija about making it readily available and of course I will have download links up on my site. So yes, when I say this is one of the most exciting periods of my life, I dunno, those are mere words. Such contentment can’t be put in words. I am doing me!.. heeeee haaaaw!… can I get an Amen!!!!!.. and if I change my mind down the line (doubt I will). There is still the satisfaction in knowing I wanted to do something and did it.. heeeee haaaaw!.. haha… next stop.. back packing across Europe and Africa.. now that’s one dream I would soooo love to fulfill.  *fantasizing*

Anyways there goes my Monday ramble.. Hope your week is as awesome as can be. I am still dropping the Poem titled “The One”  but I figured I’ll wait till 2014. New Year, New Poem. Thanks to Mr Vyne for the awesome Instrumental.. I love love love eeet! Toodles!.. did I just say toodles? lol… I’m out.

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