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Although I haven’t missed blogging much, I think its time I go back to regular blogging, not sure why, I dunno why I stopped, maybe it stopped being fun, plus I felt limited as to what I could blog about, it is the www and you never know who is watching. Oh well, plus Ive been very busy enjoying motherhood and wifehood, telling myself that I am blessed is an understatement, when God favour ou simply give thanks. That aside, I am working with one of the cutest babies Ive ever seen, hmmmnn not cos Im his mama o, but he is soo darn adorable I just wanna hold him 24/7.. He already has that swagga, Slim build, Smooth caramel skin, playful dark eyes, lots and lots of hair and a smile that can melt ice in the north pole… add that to being super well behaved, ok he did not get that from me cos I was a naughty baby.. Totally calm like his daddy so I get a lot of rest and quiet time. Only thing now is his dad has turned him into a carry me, cuddle me baby, its 24/7 all eyes on him, I guess he gets that from me, its sooooo cute.. lol..Although I heard the weather has been horrible I have a feeling this lil one is gonna enjoy livin in naija. Ive told his dad, when the time comes, im following him to college, my room will be next to his dorm room..hahaIm serious! Anyhoo If I start to talk Zion, Ill never leave here..

Soooo its back to work for moi.. Come march, we will be having eyeshadow samples available and delivered to offices across lagos, so if you work somewhere with lots of chicks and dudes that love to wear makeup, you can holla with your office details and we will hook it up. Also there will be an online ordering system available for naija with pickup and courier service, so you dont have to leave ur home to use the cosmetics. Simply order online and it will be delivered to your doorstep. Soon as the website is launched I will let all know.. Last but not least Ive made mention that I will be making my directing debut this year, 4 years in the university and not applying my skills makes no sense right? So im going back to d basics, already working on the concept of my first video and trust me I have a creative imagination so it should be fun.. Im trying to change how things are done so Im thinking about incorporating other factors to it.. Anyhoo God bless and protect us this 2009 and may he give us the health and means to fulfil our hearts desire. Amen

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  1. Congrats on wifehood and motherhood.

    Goodluck on directing. Maybe you can get some Nepotism connections and do 9ice’s video?

    You used to do Nigeria International (NI) right?

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