Basics: Loose Eye Shadow Application

I always find it very hard to believe when ladies tell me that they have no clue about makeup application. Sometimes I ask them to prove it by showing me what they can do and sure enough the their skills are similar to that of a 5 year old me. (I was on fire for a 5 year old

I’ll give basic ways to look good without the hassle.

How to Apply Loose Powder Eye Shadow ( Very Basic Steps for your lid only)

Loose Powder Eyeshadows are higly pigmented powders that give a fab finish when applied correctly. They work just as well or even better than pressed eye shadow mainly because they are richer in color. The only issue is it can be messy if not handled properly. I call it the eye shadow for “true ladies”.

Below is a diagram of some areas I named. If I missed something let me know and ill re do it. Keep in mind we all have different eye shapes so you have to use this as a guide to do what works best for you.

Step 1: Carefully open your jar of loose powder eye shadow

Step 2: Take an oval shaped eye shadow sponge like the one pictured below and press down hard onto the loose pigment making sure to pick up just enough for the initial application, keeping in mind that a little goes a long way. Tap off any excess.

Note: When choosing your applicator try getting the double edged one, that way you can use one applicator for different colors. Also, keep in mind the softer the sponge, the better and ovals work better than rounds because they can get into smaller areas without getting makeup all over the place)

Step 3: At this point I am guessing you are in front of the mirror. Tilt your head upwards (can you see your brain.. lol) and stretch your lid out as far as you can making sure to expose as much of the lid as possible ( pretend you are trying to count how many lines are on your eye lid). Do not close your eyes!!!! Carefully apply color onto lid starting inside and working your way out, in a “brush strokes” motion. Feel free to dab color on lid with your sponge to get a more intence color. Always remember it is better to start with less color and increase slightly till desired shade is achieved ( This is till you get the hang of things and know what consistency works for you)

Note: You are only applying eye shadow starting at the lash line and stoping at the crease ( where you can feel your eye balls)

Step4: Without adding more powder take the sponge and in a back and forth motion go over your crease making sure not to go past the crease to create a gradient.

and you are done…. also, always remember too much of everything is never good so do not overdo things.

The key to working with loose eye shadow is to make sure you tap off the excess so it doesnt get too messy. Once you get the hang of the basic steps the rest is easy and loads of fun. I love using all kinds of colors on my lids my favs being blues, greens and golds with black on my crease. Sometimes, depending on the shade I am using, I do a light gold on my brow bone. I do lid only when I am in a hurry or when I do not want to look “made up”. Its simple, its less time consuming and gives just the right added touch to your face.

3 thoughts on “Basics: Loose Eye Shadow Application

  1. This is sooo nice!!!
    U know i have been wondering how ladies make their eyes stand out by applying eye shadows. thanks for the tips, will definitely try it out.
    So can u advise on the best colours for skin complexions. cos i tired some colours and i look really horrible(…or mayb i didn’t apply it

  2. angie.. next blog, I will do just that.. so feel free to give me a celeb you feel your skin tone comes closest too…also, for now you can go to the TP site, we have under extras a celeb makeup color guide. For instance someone like Naomi Campbell would look hot in mid range bronze eye shadow ( like Bombshell), pale/pastel tones for everyday office wear ( like pale bronze, sky princess or mystery lady), hot colors like blues and greens (like golden blue and chartuese) would work on her of course depending on the season and clothing..
    I was out with Alero of beautiful you one day and she had on the green dream and I just kept staring at her because it looked absolutely fab on her skin. In my mind im like wow!. I did that.. very proud moment. 🙂

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    I needs to spend some time learning much more
    or understanding more. Thanks for excellent info I was looking for this info for my mission.

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