Chris Brown, His Accuser, Past Troubles, His Efforts and The Media

Chris Brown, His Accuser, Past Troubles, His Efforts and The Media

It is no longer news that Singer Chris Brown was accused by a certain “disgraced and stripped of her crown” former Miss California Regional 2016, Baylee Curran. She accused him of pulling a gun on her and threatening her life. I am usually one to criticize Chris Brown if he does something ridiculous but something about this entire story did not sit well with me. I have played it over and over in my head to avoid being bias.

From the way it was reported by the media, to the way it was handled by law enforcement, to the way a lot of people reacted to the news, to the way his accuser went on a media tour after the events, everything just seemed too sensationalized. I mean, what exactly was the SWAT team for? I also felt the reason for it being that way was because it was Chris Brown. The man whose past just won’t go away.

Chris Brown’s Accuser – A history of lying and stealing?

TMZ as usual, broke the news. Personally I feel like TMZ has a way of using their headlines to make Chris Brown look like some psychotic monster. I get that it is their mode of operation, but common, celebrities are human too. After reporting the alleged “stand-off” and that he was arrested, they follow it up day after day with stories discrediting his accuser Baylee Curran. I mean common, I understand it’s news isn’t it proper to exercise caution while reporting?

First they broke the news that she is an alleged thief who was wanted in New York.

Then they said she is known for accusing people of threatening her.

Then they broke the news that she allegedly sent text messages to a friend, saying she was going to set Chris Brown up.

We also read that she is a serial liar who really isn’t Miss California Regional because she was dethroned and has since refused to return her sash and crown.

All that glitters isn’t gold

This sounds to me like a case of “if the eye is patient enough, it will see the nose.” Many stories have followed which make Miss Curran look less credible each day. While, I agree that every part and parcel of the situation should be investigated thoroughly, I can’t help but ask myself a very important question.

If it is true that Baylee Curran was lying, who pays for the resources used to arrest Chris Brown for an alleged false allegation? This is a question Los Angeles tax payers should really be concerned about. While there are credible cases everyday, there are also people who use the law to exercise revenge on others. This not only cost money, but can also hurt credibility of real cases.

Who pays for false allegations?

Personally I believe if someone makes a false allegation that cost taxpayers money, they should be held responsible for paying the city back. If it is found that Baylee Curran lied, she should not only be sued by Chris Brown, but also by the city for wasting valuable resources.

It is bothersome that as a celebrity, or anyone for that matter, someone can just accuse you of doing something, and the media can make a spectacle of the situation. I think what boggles my mind is why they needed a SWAT team? Maybe someone can explain this bit to me better.

Are people too hard on Chris Brown?

chris brown black pyramid

While I agree that Chris brown doesn’t always make the best personal choices, I also feel people really need to give him a break. Lately, he has been visibly making an extra effort to stay out of trouble and simply be a good dad. He has been spending his time touring, making music, promoting his clothing line and taking care of his beautiful daughter.

That being said, when I think of this situation, I keep asking myself why he had strangers in his home. I feel he should hold himself responsible for allowing a stranger come into his home, his personal space, his private place, to cause this much trouble. I also feel this should be a signal for the singer to maybe further revamp his personal lifestyle, choice of friends and other choices.

That aside, I’ll cut him some slack by saying I have never met one person who makes the best choices all the time. Life is a learning curve and hopefully, with each error he learns.

I know as humans we are prone to mistakes. Some are costlier than others. From a psychological perspective I feel being reminded of your past every second, like he is, while trying to move forward and generally be a good person, can slow your progress. I also feel it can generally make him unnecessarily bitter.

Is Chris Brown an easy target?

chris brown black pyramid shoot

Event though Chris Brown has been making an extra effort to stay out of trouble, someway, somehow, trouble seems to find him. Most times, it is due to people he surrounds himself with. Sometimes it is those who wish to capitalize on his past and public perception either for fame or for money. This to me is not fair! He should be given the chance to prove himself without someone seeing him as the next come up. I am not him but I am tired on his behalf. It can’t be easy living his life.

If I were him, knowing how some perceive me, I would make that extra effort to rid myself of situations that could put my public image in harm’s way. Then again, why should he be responsible for others and their lack of character? He should not feel scared to have fun with friends in his home without catching a case.

I think at this stage the media need to actually let Chris Brown live. If they want to report negative things about him, wait for him to actually do something worth reporting. If he doesn’t, then give him some credit for trying his best.  He is a talented young man who needs more love and less hate. We all do.

I know it cannot be easy living your life in the public eye so while a lot proceed to judge him, I leave you with the video below.

(Picture Credit: Chris Brown Instagram)

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