How do you know if you are a good Kisser?

How do you know if you are a good Kisser?

We were chit chatting and the subject of intimacy, more specifically bad kissers came up. It is always a comical subject for me because of the stories that get shared. What’s in a kiss you ask? Well, apparently a whole lot. According to a dear friend of mine who argued in favor of bad “kisseees” telling bad kissers that they were bad, she stated that the inability to kiss can easily lead of a relationship break up. I am not sure I totally agree with her but I could see where she was coming from. It is very possible that one can get dumped for not knowing how to kiss, just as well as it is possible to get dumped for not being great in the sack. Sucks right? – yeah literally

So how do you know if you are a good kisser if the person you are kissing does not tell you? My take is that you don’t. Everybody is different and what A likes may not be what B likes. I would suggest allowing the other person take the lead and you follow. This I feel is the easiest way to understand their kiss pattern. Some people enjoy a deep french kiss, while others detest it and just want something more subtle. Some people don’t mind super spit swapping *ewwww*, while I think most do mind.  Some can’t stand open mouth kisses while I beleive the majority do not mind. The list goes on.

Another easy way to find out what type of kisser your partner is or that you are, is to simply ask.  A simple “what do you like” has solved some kissing problems. Never assume they like what you are doing. If they do not complain or give you accolades, do not assume it is because you are simply awesome. One sure way of not getting stuck in the bad kisser zone is to take it slow. Do not do too much too fast. Some people assume they have not kissed you if they do not suck your entire face in. Yuck!. We are all different but when your mouth begins to touch my nose, that’s where I draw the line. So, in order to avoid over doing things, start small and build momentum. If you pay careful attention, you can usually tell when the other party is pulling back because you are overdoing it.

If you have full lips, you are usually plagued with an additional set of problem, most especially if you meet someone totally into full lips. These people usually love to suck on lips when they kiss. Yeah its hot getting all up in that bottom lip but only if you are gentle. Overdoing it is a big no no because I seriously doubt the majority will want to end their kiss with scared lips.

I hope these little tips will be helpful to you in your discovery of knowing for sure if you are a good kisser. If you have any good or bad kissing experience or tips, feel free to share below.

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  1. Kiss drives intimacy deep. I agree to all you said except the face licking thing. Tongue lining the nose, forehead and ears (hind part) is all part of the kissing act (Smooching)

    One doesn’t just assume he or she is good. You need to take is slow and learn your partner’s kissing pattern and adapt. Mind you, your partner might be learning your own pattern as well.

    Secret: You can actually know the extent someone loves you through the way they kiss you.

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