5 Things Every Single Woman Should Know

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Finding true love is something most of us hope to do or experience at the point in our lives. While you wait to find the man of your dreams, it is wise to spend that time developing a great sense of self, knowing who you are and what you like. This will help you choose a partner that suits you better. There are so many do’s and don’ts where relationships are concerned some things however should stay constant, and that is some basic rules to live by. Read on as I share with you 5 thing things I believe every single woman should know.

5 Things Every Single Woman Should Know

  1. Loving the right person is so much easier than loving the wrong person – Just as it implies, it is by far easier to love and enjoy loving someone when they are the right fit for you. Sometimes, women make the mistake of trying to make things work with someone who is very wrong for them. They know it in their heart that this person is not a good fit but for reasons known to them – most times I attribute it to fantasies created in our heads – they try to make this person who they are not. Such situations seldom work out and most times will leave one or both parties bitter. When you love the right person, things flow naturally. You do not find yourself worrying about some of the things you would worry about when you are with the wrong person. Also remember, when you are single, try as much as possible to develop “self” in preparation for the right one. If you are yet to find yourself, it will be much difficult for the right man to find you. So take your time because it’s worth the wait.

  2. If you know in your heart you are not cut from the same cloth, let it go – Like all relationships it is important to think about things well before embarking on it. If you know you do not share the same values it is best to let it go and move on. If you want 2 kids and he wants 6 and neither is willing to compromise, it may be a good idea to really ask yourselves what would happen when you reach that bridge. Will you be able to cross it together or will it tear you apart. When choosing a partner, try as much as possible to choose someone with the same values and interests as you. When trying to find a partner, go places that you enjoy naturally. Do not force issues, enjoy yourself and you may eventually run into someone you like who likes the things you life. It is a good idea to think about it well because there will come a time when love alone won’t be enough.

  3. Don’t let anyone sell you that selfish propaganda that you can’t find love unless you share – This is one of the oldest tricks insecure men use to get women. Do not buy into ideas like – you are getting old, you better settle – there are no good men out there – there are more women than men so you just have to share – and so much more. believe in yourself and belief that there is a man out there that has been designed specifically for you and this man will eventually find you. Don’t settle and miss the opportunity to be with who you really should be with because you listened to naysayers or was desperate. Desperation has no place in your world, never for get that. There are plenty single fishes out there and sharing isn’t love.

  4. Delay is not denial – Because it hasn’t happened for your does not mean it will not. Because you have not met that man who will sweep you off your feet does not mean he does not exist. Some things in life require more patience from some people than others. Never feel tempted to compare yourself to your peers or envy their story. You were not created as the same person. You have your destiny to fulfill and they have theirs. Be happy for others while still finding a place to be happy with your current status. Remember it takes one second for your story to change for the better. While you wait for Mr Right, focus on building self. The right person will love u when you learn to love you.

  5. Woman know your worth. If things do not work out, sell yourself the realistic dream of moving on – What will people think is one of the biggest problems facing us as a society. What cares what people think? What matters most is your happiness and if you find yourself with someone who is not right for you, move on.  Do not stay in a relationship where you feel worthless because of the opinion of others. Being single is not the end of the world and should never be seen as such. The sooner you move on, the faster you will eventually find that one person who is right for you. Never sell yourself short and always sell yourself realistic dreams and expectations.

The list of things Single women should know is quite extensive but this is a good place to start. Our individuality obviously allows us modify some of these to fit our lifestyle. Irrespective of our differences, one thing we should never forget is that true love is definitely worth the wait.

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