Is it ok for a woman to Propose Marriage to a Man?

propose womanThe other day I was watching a TV show on a very popular network. The story line for that episode pretty much ran like this; boy loves girl, girl loves boy, girl surprises boy with a marriage proposal, he accepts, and they live happily ever after.

It got me thinking, why don’t women propose more often? If you want something, you are meant to go for it right? I know traditionally, men are supposed to be the one doing the proposing but who came up with these rules anyways? I am 50/50 on this one for different reasons and I will explain why.

With  gender roles becoming more blurred each day, will something this deeply rooted in “thats just how things are” change drastically? My answer is possibly not. While I think some women will not mind proposing to their man, I also think the majority of women would mind. I think most women have been raised to feel their role is to wait for the man’s first move. This is not a bad thing. I feel most men were also designed to take the lead. It just seems more “natural” that way, right? Besides, I think the fear of getting turned down will shy women away from proposing more than anything else. We all hear that when a man is not ready, there is nothing you can do to convince him so it is best to chill.

Men call women complicated but I can argue for days that men are way more complicated than women. Ladies, have you noticed that men that you show no interest in, tend to chase you more? It is that instinct again, I can easily argue that like a lion in the forest, they enjoy the challenge. I have heard men say severally that they do not like when it comes easy. This of course doesn’t mean, if you like a guy, play childish games till he moves on. It simply means, if a man wants you, he will go for it without you forcing the issue  and if he really wants you he will fight (not literally) for your love. So, when a woman proposes to the man, even if he says yes, will he appreciate her?

Of course some men need a little push, but would dropping hints surpass knowing you are the one who did the asking? What if he says no? What would happen next? Anyhow it goes, I still think every case is unique and at the end of the day, we follow our instincts. Whatever works for you, may not work for me, so we all do what works for us.

So, do you think it is ok for a women to propose to a man? Do you know anyone who has and how did that work out?


13 thoughts on “Is it ok for a woman to Propose Marriage to a Man?

  1. I was in same shoes. I never asked the lady out, we both loved each other but I just wanted 2 be careful so that I don’t mis-interpret her feelings and end up losing a friend but she finally did the asking and I was so glad. We dated 4 so long but we separated but things are still fine between us. I think it doesn’t matter. Even the bible says ask. So whoever that do the asking matters not.

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