Some women don’t want to see their men be successful and do well

men do well“But can you blame them?” This is what my pal said to me. I told her I think she has been a victim of “man problems” one too many times and she did not give herself time to heal. She gave the usual “men aint shit” argument. I chuckled!. I love girl talk when it is not gossipy but intriguingly funny. It’s always interesting to see how our experiences shape our views about so many things. Sometimes I am tempted to sway to the side of this argument, I have even caught myself saying the same just for saying sake and sometimes based on my mood, but reality is – I have Uncles, I have male family members who are awesome men who respect the women in their lives. Ok with the exception of my fourth cousin – PlayDog who changes women weekly. lol.. I keed, I keed. I have no such cousin, at least not to my knowledge. So it may be safe to say some men ain’t shit – but not all.

Anyways back to the topic. She said it’s only men that do well that cheat on their women because they have the means to. Errrr can someone say fallacy!! FYI to her, I once met a man – no job – – no real plans – lazy as hell with like 6 women he juggled between and he literally lived off ALL of them. His D game must have been fantastic because I could not for the life of me get how he was able to get all of them fending for him. If it was Naija we would have said it was jazz – haha. Hell, I guess good D can be jazz-like too.

Saying you do not want your man to do well because he will cheat sounds absolutely foolish to me. I personally believe a man who wants to cheat will cheat irrespective of if he is successful or not. I know a lot will argue otherwise but yes it is possible for a world-famous basketball player to be faithful IF he wants to. Exposure to tons of women does not determine character. Your character is pretty much predetermined by you. If you are a women praying for your man not to be successful because you wish to control him with your money, stop it now. You are doing yourself a disservice. Loyalty should come from within. It should not be bought.

Our experiences can sometimes define how we see things but the way we respond to them define who we are. I personally want my man to be super successful. I want his success to be my pride and joy. I am in no way intimidated or afraid of someone stealing a successful man from me. Yes shit happens but I wont say oh I must date a broke man so he will stay with me. That is like mad insecure. I think what is yours will be yours.

So ladies, and sometimes gentlemen – uh uh I know the I want a throphy wife type. Never let your partner’s success intimidate you, if the love is there, that success should belong to the both of you.

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