Does true love really exist?

does true love exist
Does true love really exist? This is one question I am sure you have asked yourself at some point in your life. We hear stories of couples who have been married for a very long time and it gives you hope that true love really does exist. Then you hear stories of a couples who have been married for over 20 years, only to end up getting a divorce. I always wonder at what point do you say you no longer wish to be with someone after spending 20 years of your life with them. I understand that every situation is unique but 20 years is a very long time. What could have been so bad that it took 20 years to finally say no more? 

When I see viral pictures like the one of the couple above, it gives me hope. Together since 1952! I am not sure when that picture was taken but if we were to calculate it, that would be about 63 + years together. If the picture is anything to go by, they look like they are not just life partners but very good friends. One significant thing that stood out for me in this picture was not their old age, it was the fact that they both rocked for different sport teams. Let’s agree to disagree but still love each other!. Isnt this one of the key factors to making a union work? We can’t always want what our partner wants, but we can learn to accept and respect it as what they want. I wish I could have a sit down with this couple to ask how they did it. I am sure a lot of us could learn from them.

Personally I believe in true love. I also believe true love will not visit everyone technically. The way life is set up we tend to go with the flow of daily expectations and in doing so may miss out on meeting that one person that was designed for us. Love is a very complicated emotion. It also has emotions like lust who try so hard to design itself like love, confusing the person inflicted. It is always wise to take your time and ask yourself if different scenarios arose, would you still ride for this person.

Finding true love is one thing, maintaining it is another. Love requires a lot of things like understanding, patience, and knowing that your partner is not and can never be perfect. When the attraction fades, all you have left is what is inside this person. When the noise calms all you have left is that connection between you two. If you are with someone because your friends think they are hot, or because of vain reasons, you have taken the wrong step towards finding true love.

I think there is a way to know if someone is the one – technically. Unfortunately that one person that is for you may not be as wise as you are in detecting who they need to be with. This can lead to a lot of misunderstandings which may eventually lead to you and that person not getting together for a lifetime. When this happens, I think the best way to combat it is with patience. Do not be quick to react to anything anyone does. Sometimes when we slow it down a bit, we see things we ordinarily would have missed.

So do you think true love exists? I know I do.

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