Chris Brown Talks About Rihanna On Hot 97 – WATCH Video

Once you have a high profile relationship it seems even if you let go and move on, others are not ready to. Chris Brown has been on a promotional tour to promote his new album X and he made a stop at NY’s Hot 97. He was asked a whole lotta questions but of course, asking Breezy questions without bringing Rihanna into the mix would not make the interview complete. It was an interesting interview. He touched on challenges he faced after the whole Rihanna drama and how a lot of radio stations did not want to associate with him. He talks about his art, his demons, what keeps him focused and where he goes to get away from it all. He talks about his fear of failure and how he copes with that. This is about as real as it gets and I totally love how open he was except with the Rihanna is his friend comment.. we know she isn’t but it’s still all good. He also touches on the topic of her using Drake to make him jealous. The one thing I got from this interview though is he still loves her. The smile when her name comes up is CLASSIC.. Good to see Chris Brown blush.

You can watch the video below…

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