How to Apply Patience, Perseverance, Prayer When Hoping for a Breakthrough

#MotivationalMonday Hoping for a Breakthrough? Apply the 3P'sWe have all at one point in our lives wanted something so bad we were willing to work hard at it. What happens when you work very hard but see little to no results? Do you get discouraged and give up? Do you beat yourself down and say you were not good enough? Do you convince yourself that some sort of force is keeping you from achieving your goal? The answer is a big fat no. I am a firm believer in the concept of “what is for you will never pass you by” so when you are not reaching a breakthrough in whatever it is you do, simply apply the 3P’s. What are the 3P’s you ask. Well they are PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE/PERSEVERANCE and PRAYER.

Patience: All things in life require patience. A Yoruba proverb about patience states that “Patience can cook a rock soft”. This may not literally be able to happen but you get the idea. With enough patience what you felt was impossible to achieve may in turn become possible.

Persistence/Perseverance: In this context we can use both interchangeably. Remember that saying, “If you try and you don’t succeed, try try try again.” The person who came up with that was not far from the truth. Most times, when you do get a breakthrough, it is when you least expect so never give up. Use simply wisdom to determine what is worth it and apply yourself.

Prayer: Another Yoruba saying goes thus’ “what will be good needs prayer, what is already good still needs prayer.” Do not deny the power of prayer, try to apply it to what you do and remember, like i said what is for you will never pass you by and everything has its own time and reason. ┬áIf you are hoping for any kind of breakthrough, I hope it will happen for you sooner than later. Have a blessed day. #MotivationalMonday

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