Todays Twitter Recap – Motivational quotes from the heart

Motivational quotesYes I know it’s not motivational Monday yet but sometimes my mind simply bends the rules. You can never predict when positive quotes will flow so when they do, release them. I know the nature of twitter and how easy it is for tweets to drown ┬áin the sea of more tweets, so here is a little twitter recap of some quotes that came to my mind. These are quotes about anonymous haters, quotes about heartbreak, quotes about love, quotes about moving on, quotes about knowledge, quotes about being strong, etc enjoy!

  • Dear Friend, people who hide under the guise of anonymous to spread hate about you will remain anonymous for the rest of their lives.
  • Who God has blessed, no man can curse. Our destiny is in our hands, you decide how you wish for irrelevant people to affect your good tidings.
  • Slowly I realize, if you do not have haters then you are not doing something worth envying. Let them open Pandoras box and wallow in it
  • If a person does not have the guts to use their real name to talk trash, doesn’t that make them a coward? The opinion of a coward is weightless
  • As I learn, I teach, in d process, I learn more. we grow together my kings and queens, knowledge is power, spread the little you know
  • The ability to overcome your trials and tribulations not only makes you a stronger person, it makes you a better person so keep your head up
  • If you have loved and lost in love, never let anyone mock you because you are one step ahead of those who have never opened their heart to love.
  • See friend, he/she who is not for you will break your heart. It is left to you to understand that a heartbreak prepares you for that which is yours.
  • As grown as I am, I am still learning. I am not ashamed to admit it

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