Video of A Nigerian Man Caught on an Episode of Cheaters – SMH

She eez ma customa. What iz de meening hof dez Jackie.. hahaha. Check out this video of a Nigerian man caught on cheaters.

That woman took him to the cleaners. This is what happens when you date a trashy mouth woman and cheat on her. She will insult you down your your lineage. ┬áIt’s funny how some Nigerian men will take crap from non Nigerian woman, but when it comes to Nigerian women, they expect their bullshit to be tolerated. I don’t feel bad for him and neither do I care for her foul smack talking mouth but my favorite part had to be when she said ” Say it wasn’t you and ill bust you in the eye” *cues kermit*

bros, you no try at all o. *side eye* set she no set.. shior! According the the update done by cheaters, they ended up working things out like two peas in a ratchet pod. tueh!

cheaters naija man

Toni Payne

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