Weird Story: My neighbor almost got his penis cut off

NO VIOLENCE weird story
So this morning we were discussing my neighbor, whose wife attempted to detach his manhood in a fit of rage. Naturally, the first question that got asked was why. The answer we got was that they were fighting over food. He didn’t give her beans and she got angry. Well, to me this is the light version of what seems to be a bigger problem. Personally I don’t believe you just get angry about not sharing food and up and cut someones manhood off. What if he bleeds to death? In my mind i felt, aside from her mental health being questionable, this must be the result of what we like to call build up… now keep going..

About letting things go, communication and more ..

In every relationship we will have our ups and downs, squabbles etc. There will be days where that person you love so much irritates the hell out of you, and yes they will sometimes hurt you. What do we do when someone we love annoys or hurts us? We talk about it of course. Never tell yourself that you are nagging and most importantly never ever allow it build up. Build up can be very very dangerous. Its always best to get it off your chest, find a resolution and let it go. I always joke that i am scared of people who are quiet and don’t talk about their feelings. That’s because when i cant read you, i don’t know what you are or are not plotting…

I love to communicate my feelings.. wisely.. of course you have to know when. Don’t jump in his face when he is mad tired and not in the mood. You also have to know how… make sure its NEVER confrontational..  A man/woman who is for you will listen, understand and act positively… now all i have said applies to when you are with someone you are compatible with.. no someone who really doesn’t give a rats ass and is just killing time with you…

In respect to this couple, i feel like the lady isnt all together and should get some sort of help. It could be frustration, depression or whatever. Our society overlooks a lot of these types of cases, that doesnt make it go away.  For a lady to go as far as picking up a sharp object to harm someone to the point of severing his manhood.. no be small thing and it should be addressed.


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