48 Life Changing Quotes Vol. 1

48-life-changing-quotes-volume-148 Life Changing Quotes about Life, Volume 1  is a collection of 48 inspirational picture quotes about life, success, friendship, humility, money, parenting, and more.
For every situation, there are words that can either fix it or make it better. These carefully crafted inspirational picture quotes by Author, Toni Payne, will take you on a journey that will motivate and inspire you to be the best you, you can be.  It covers a wide range of topics and situations we deal with on a day to day basis. It helps give an understanding of handling certain situations. It also gives assurance where you need it most and helps put certain life decisions in perspective.

Quotes like “A true test of loyalty is when they no longer need you, only then will you know who is who” are there to remind you to appreciate those who have always been there for you irrespective of what you have to offer because it is easy to get carried away with those who don’t truly care.

Toni Payne started writing inspirational quotes when she was going through a rough patch in her life.  Then, she would utter positive words in her head as a way of reassuring herself that everything would be alright. This powerful tool of using words to change the outlook, mood, perspective of things and give you a better understanding of situations, is what she has brought to this book.
Her goal is to inspire as many people as she can because you never know who needs to hear the right words at the right time.

48 Life Changing Quotes about Life, Volume 1, will renew something wonderful in you.

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