Year: 2006

They found my bag

9 daysCountless phonecallsCountless emailsDriving back and forth8 sleepless nights later KLM found my bag. To say I am happy is an understatement. My phone rang at 11:50pm and it was the NWA agent I metContinue reading

Exquisite Magazine Tea Party

So it is very official, Toni Payne Cosmetics will be representing at the Exquisite Magazine Tea party this Saturday at the Tiger Tem Tea Room. Exquisite Mag is womans magazine owned by London based Tewa.Continue reading

Dr Phil: Nigerian Scams Segment

I watched the Dr Phil Segment on Nigerian Scams today and the one thing that kept going through my head was how poorly done the show was. First of all, too many generalizations, they onlyContinue reading

Driving Under the Influence

First and formost if you know you have been drinking or taking meds and cannot operate a vehicle please do not do it. I had a wonderful thursday night/ friday morning so I woke upContinue reading