London Tourism – 3 Must Do Things in London

London Tourism : 3 Must Do Things Once you land in the fascinating city of London, England, get ready to be greeted with amazing history and modern attractions. No doubt, London is counted among the most coolest and modern cities of the world. Being amidst the


10 Top Luxury Hotels in Los Angeles

The area a tourist would consider visiting Los Angeles is actually quite vast. Landing at LAX, you could find yourself staying in one of many areas located in Los Angeles County. Getting around LA can be a traffic nightmare, most especially if you use the 405 freeway,


10 Top Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Dubai is located in the UEA (United Arab Emirates). A 16 hour flight from Los Angeles gets me to this city which prides itself in its modern architecture. Visiting Dubai, you will realize, finding good accommodation is very easy. Dubai has this affinity for luxury,