Celebrity Cars – Justin Bieber in his Chrome Fisker Karma

Celebrity Cars – Justin Bieber in his Chrome Fisker Karma

On today’s Let’s Talk Cars: Celebrities and their cars edition, we will be showcasing Justin Bieber and his chrome Fisker Karma. Justin Bieber is one celebrity that prides himself in owning both luxury cars and Eco friendly cars. Pictured here is Justin standing beside his chrome colored Fisker Karma car which cost between 60 to 100 Grand US dollars.

What is a Fisker Karma you ask? Well, the Fisker Karma is produced by Karma Automotive. They are a luxury car maker who make unique vehicles. Although not a big as brand like Mercedes, the Karma automotive group also prides themselves in quality and uniqueness. We will be talking more about the Karma cars in a separate post soon.

Some other cars the singers inventory include a Range Rover, a Cadillac CTS-V and a super cute #SmartCar. Justin seems to have a thing for black cars because most of his cars, minus the Fisker Karma, are matte black. If you wish to update this information do contact us.

5 thoughts on “Celebrity Cars – Justin Bieber in his Chrome Fisker Karma

  1. Such a young age and already such a great ride.. I heard he also bought some stuff for his mother but I don’t have any sources on this.

  2. I agree. He’s so young and he has such a nice car. I mean I had never heard of that brand before you posted this! I didn’t even know that it existed because I would never see something like that around where I live.

  3. What an ugly car to match and ugly personality. I don’t care for this child at all. Yes, I said child. He has a lot of growing up to do and I feel sorry for any of the women he talks into being in a relationship with him. The car itself looks okay but the chrome is what makes it ugly to me. I feel like it is another one of those cars that screams “I’M BETTER THAN YOU! I’M RICH! LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!” lol

  4. I love the Fisker Karma, but this one is a little too shiny for me. Nonetheless the car is really sexy. It doesn’t just have the looks. I urge you to study its technical details. Sweet!

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